1 Hour Belly Blast Diet System – Review

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is one of a kind 
with its built-in 3 Core Principles:

  • Indulge three days a week with whatever foods you choose…
  • Relaxation 167 out of 168 hours a week…
  • Anti-overwhelming sustainability, while targeting the underlying causes of your belly fat, cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.
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Product Name:   1hourbellyblastdiet
Official Website: 1hourbellyblastdiet.com
Product Author: Dan Long
Product Type: Downloadable Ebook
Special Offer : Yes
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

…that Nicole used to go from 163 pounds to 128 pounds in 6 weeks…
Nicole Before/After

…and later used on myself to go from 244 pounds to 206 pounds in 6 weeks…



The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet finally gives you the relief from hours of planning and stress associated with most traditional diet plans ridding your stomach from harmful belly fat to live a healthy normal life, again, full of energy and happiness.

You’ll act and feel as if your biological timeclock is being reversed, leaving you looking and feeling 10 to 20 years younger.

As your body transforms, and your health improves on a daily basis, the progress tracking sheets that I provide you will no doubt be your biggest motivation of all.

You can be assured that this program DOESN’T require you to eat 5 to 7 times a day, or restrict you from any of your favorite foods.

Plus you won’t need any expensive prepackaged meals or exercise gadgets that just sit in the corner of your garage collecting dust.


No need for a gym membership either.

However, I am also going to include my easy to follow 2 Minute Belly Flab Targeting Solution to speed up results, along with my Half Your Size Exercise Guide, that’s guaranteed to melt more pounds and inches of belly fat faster than some run of the mill overpriced personal trainer…

Whether your health may be in danger like it was for Nicole and I, or you just want to look your best for a holiday, special occasion, or just feel young again, this is the perfect program for you.

In the event you don’t need to lose weight and still want to learn the super simple overfeed hour secretto prevent you from ever gaining a pound of deadly belly fat, or experiencing the scary side effects of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, or dangerous medications.

Just follow the overfeed hour secret that you will find in the first section of the 1 Hour Belly Blast Dietmanual.

Nonetheless, the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet will give you relief from heart diseasehigh blood pressure, menopause, or cholesteroldiabetesfrequent joint pain, and a degenerating metabolism.

It’s all laid out in a simple format that’s easy to follow so you, too, can experience the exact results you need WITHOUT any worry or hassle.


The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet may prevent you or a loved one from falling victim to these deadly disease statistics.

There’s no doubt you can try one of those expensive fad fitness programs like T25, 21 Day Fix, or some other late night promotion that you’ll never use.

Although, why would you waste your precious time when you have access to a super-simple system that targets the exact underlying problem you or your loved ones are up against as we speak?

What’s even more misleading is that most of these program gimmicks promise you a 30 second fix or an overnight permanent miracle that leaves your metabolism beaten and battered, and your hormones all out of whack.

However, you could also drive down to your local cookie cutter gym and hire a so-called trainer like Nicole did, only to find, after 12 training sessions, at $75 each, that your trainer didn’t know a thing about how to target your exact over 35 belly fat and hormone issue like Nicole was experiencing.

Then you can hire a costly nutritionist to write you up an overwhelming 5 to 7 meals per day plan, with NO focal point on the underlying health issues that people like you face, being over 35.

However, why would you waste your time and energy when you can grab the clear cut plan that’s proven to shrink your waist and melt away ugly, harmful belly fat every single day, while reversing heart disease, diabetes or stroke without any of the deadly toxic prescription medications that are killing you.

In addition, the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet will rescue you from the high-priced dangerous weight loss shots and pills that hold you hostage to visiting a doctor two to three times a week, only to gain all of your weight back, plus more, as soon as you stop, leaving your metabolism in shambles, your hormones severely damaged, elevated blood pressure, muscle fatigue, increased body fat, along with a drop in energy levels that only caffeine seems to fix.

Visualize yourself losing 10, 20, 30 pounds, or more, looking 10 to 20 years younger using this exact ground-breaking system for yourself that gave Nicole and I flat stomachs like this.  dan-nicole-after3

In just less than 3 minutes from now, you’ll have access to the revolutionary 1 Hour Belly Blast Dietwhere you will NEVER pop a pill or miss out on another delicious meal at any social event EVER again.

The flexibility makes this program simple and sustainable for men and women of ALL ages.

Just follow the super-simple overfeed hour and you will exercise less, while indulging in all your favorite foods three days a week.

Watch your energy soar, and your body transform right before your very eyes every single day.

Thousands of people from around the world that use this overfeed hour have experienced amazing and precisely targeted results and now it’s YOUR opportunity to join the community and become the next success story.

After calculating the countless hours of studying research papers, expenses, and testing with the beta subjects to create this program we thought about charging the going rate of $297 to gain access to it.

We figured this would still be a heck of a lot less than the price you would pay for a run of the mill trainer, personal nutritionist, or a hospital visit, and some prescription medications.

However, we are so confident that this simple to follow program is the exact solution that you’ve been looking for that we decided to make it a no brainer for everyone to have access.

We can’t think of anything more vitally important than sharing with you this groundbreaking overfeed hour secret that’s PROVEN to shed all your unwanted belly and lower back fat while skyrocketing your healthenergysex drive, and youthful appearancereversing the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol buildup in your arteries while still eating whatever you want three days a week.




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