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5 Minute Learning Machine

With “5 Minute Learning Machine“, you’ve got incredibly powerful learning breakthroughs packed into this one great package – that can be used by any man or woman to show overnight results in their learning power – earning power – so startling that they may literally take their breath away! – There Isn’t Any Program Like This Available Anywhere!.

Power-Learning Is A Trick! You Can Teach It To Yourself In As Little As Five Short Minutes A Day!

Product Information
Product Name:   Nikola Tesla Secret
Official Website: www.5minutelearningmachine.com
Product Author: Jack Singer
Product Type: Downloadable Ebook
Special Offer : Yes
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

To gain its wonder-working benefits in every area of your life – immediately, within five short minutes after you pick it up – there is absolutely no need to STUDY this revolutionary new program, or read it from cover to cover, or even to expend any conspicuous effort on your part other than to browse through it at your leisure for five to ten thrilling minutes every day!

This is NOT a textbook! NOT a study manual! There are no lectures – not a single “blue-sky” theory to ponder over or memorize in this program!

Instead, for the first time, here is a revolutionary new system ofAUTOMATICALLY BRINGING TO LIFE YOUR YOUR HIDDEN POWER TO LEARN, through the incredibly potent suggestion of the writtern word!

We do NOT want you to treat this amazing volume as you would an ordinary book! Instead, all we ask you to do is this:

Browse through just a few pages every night before you retire! Skip around if you like!

But make absolutely no conscious effort to “study” this program, “work” on it, or even memorize a single one of the thrilling techniques you will find on every one of its pages!

Instead, in these very first ten days alone, the startling discovery you will make is this: Instantly – simply by leading through its pages – your mind will automatically absorb the wonder working procedures laid out for you in this program!


Effortlessly, you will respond to its convention-shattering breakthrough! Without premeditation, you will find yourself automatically applying its methods!

Inevitably – hour after hour – day after day… week after week – you will find yourself in command of ever-increasing powers of Rapid Learning, Vocabulary Building, Problem Solving, Clear-thinking. Friend-Making and much more –

All brought at last to the surface of your mind and ready to automatically spring into action for you at the blink of an eyelash!

All this – for just a few short moments of your time every day! Spent with one of the most fascinating, completely absorbing books it has ever been your pleasure to glance through.

Power-Learning Is A Trick! You Can Teach It To Yourself In As Little As Five Short Minutes A Day!
Yes, Problem-solving is a trick! Speed-Reading is a trick! Concentration is a trick! Burning facts, figures, even whole articles and books into your memory IS A TRICK!

The real secret of coaxing TOP PERFORMANCE out of your mind is as simple as tying your shoelace! You can master it in five minutes a day – simply by being shown the right learning techniques!

The Very First Hour After You Pick Up This Program, You May Marvel At Your New Ability To Master Facts!
All I ask from you is this. Let me send you, at my risk, one of the most fascinating programs you have ever read. When this arrives, set aside a few minutes each day from the following weekend.

Glance through a few of its pages. Get ready to see for yourself the incredible performance your mind can give you overnight. ONCE YOU GIVE IT THE PROPER MENTAL TOOLS TO WORK WITH!

What you are going to do in this very first weekend, is this: You are going to make three simple tests with your mind, each one of which will take only five minutes of your time!

But each one of which will show you such a thrilling spurt in your ability to bring out the true power of your brain, that you may actually catch your breath in astonishment!

Proof Number One – Skyrocket Your Reading Speed – In Minutes!
First, turn to page 69. Read this page alone nothing more. Then, pick up another book and read one page in it. Time yourself – find out exactly how long it took you to read that page, before you tried out this simple trick:

Now, simply follow instructions we give you to take an ordinary pencil and place it between your teeth! And NOW read another page of that same book, following the one rule we give you! Time yourself again!

reading speed

Proof Number Two – Skyrocket Your Vocabulary – In Minutes!
Now turn to to page 114. Glance over the fascinating word game you find out this and the following few pages. Try this game for five minutes. See for yourself how muchFUN it is.

And then turn to page 30/31. Look over the list without ever seeing them before, and without going to the dictionary – of FIVE DIFFERENT FOUR SYLLABLE WORDS. THAT WOULD STUMP MOST COLLEGE GRADUATES!, and watch the excitement grow inside you as you find yourself reeling off the exact meaning of those previously “impossible” words – JUST AS EASILY AND QUICKLY AS IF THEY WERE PRINTED ON A WALL IN FRONT OF YOU!

Proof Number Three – Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures – In Minutes!

And then take any math problem that’s stumped you before – in business, mark-up, stock market, installment payments, interest charges, keeping down household expenses – and now do that problem again!

See for yourself that the answer to that problem practically springs off the paper at you! That errors that plagued your figuring before now virtually disappeared! That a whole new world of math-mastery… business-mastery… financial-mastery has now opened up for you-all from one simple change in your work habits that’s so easy to do it’s almost unbelievable!


“5 Minute Learning Machine teaches you a whole series of simple techniques to improve your recall skills – something I’ve found incredibly useful in planning, negotiating and presenting. I never realised just what advantages having a great memory could bring.”
Wendy Fill
Creative Director
Working, U.K

Which Fields Do You Want To Shine In? Business! Reading! Culture! Science! Social Leadership!

Think of it! From this moment on, in as little as five short minutes a day, you begin applying these wonder-working techniques of Power Learning to every untrained cover of your mind! You begin breaking through mental barriers – mental limitations that have been blocking your progress for years!

You begin tapping the buried powers of your mind! Powers that you have glimpsed before in brief flashes – now brought to the surface – strengthened with simple formulas to double their potency and placed forever at your beck and call, ready to go to work for you at the blink of an eyelash!


For example-

Do You Want To Develop “Total Concentration!”

Then turn to page 29… master one simple routine… and thrill to your ability to get down to work instantly… to absorb huge amounts of information easily and swiftly – even in a room filled with half a dozen howling children!

Do You Want To Develop a “Tape Recorder Memory” For The Spoken Word!

Then turn to page 63/64… read the four simple questions taught to you there… and see how those questions automatically rivet your attention to the other person’s words… keep your mind from wondering… lets you store up his thoughts as though they were engraved on your memory.

Actually amaze him by quoting, almost word for word, from conversations you had with him months before!


“I knew I could always get my point across pretty well, so when I came across 5 minute learning and told me I could improve my skills beyond measure I was pretty sceptical. How wrong can you be! Now I really understand, how to make sure that my message is the one that people take notice of, and how to be the most effective and convincing communicator in any situation.”
Geoffrey Bayley
Investment Banker
London, England


Do You Want To Develop The Ability To Make Other People “Hang On Your Every Word!”

Then turn to page 109/110… read every word… and see how incredibly easy it is overcome shyness and uncertainly… to make your conversations sparkle… to think instantly on your feet… reason logically… build thought upon thought correctly and dramatically… persuade others to your point of view… stand out head and shoulder above the rest of the group, every time you wish to make a point!

Yes! And Do You Want To Develop The Ability To Zoom Ahead In The Advancement Tests, The Promotion Tests That Are Your Gateway To The Big Money!

THEN GET READY FOR THE REVELATION OF YOUR LIFE STARTING ON PAGE 189! When you put this “Test Solver” Action to work!

When you’re shown a five minute ritual, before you take a personality or advancement test, that breaks that test wide open! That drains fear and nervousness out of your body like magic!

That puts every fact you need right at the tips of your fingers – ready to go to work for you or an instant’s notice – ready to give you promotion scores so high that you move ahead faster than you have dreamed!

And This Is Still Just The Beginning!

What I’ve described to you on this page is only a small sampling of the information packed into this revolutionary new program, THE 5 MINUTE LEARNING MACHINE – now available only through this website!


“I am really so much enjoying the program, we are practicing it with my wife at home and really it amazed me although i have some thoughts about the material, but in general, it is a great work thanks a lot for bringing all of this to me, surely that changes my life!
Carl thirlway, 39

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this revolutionary new program could easily sell for thousands of dollars.

In fact if you attended a two day course on just speed reading you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $750 to $1250, not including traveling expenses.

(Don’t believe me check out www.nowdontforget.co.uk They do a speed reading and memory course you have to travel to their class and sit around for two days! and pay them 500 english pounds that’s over 1000 dollars)

Then what’s the ability to skyrocket your vocabulary or skyrocket your power to handle figures, your development of total concentration, your tape recorder memory, your ability to make people hang on your every word, your ability to zoom ahead in tests worth? Thousands It’s worth thousands.

So at a bare bones minimum you’re getting thousands and thousands of dollars worth of material at your disposal.


3 FREE Bonuses For Ordering By Midnight Tonight

Bonus#1: As a special free bonus for acting immediately I’ll also give you a copy of a special e-book “Advanced Memory Techniques: How To Create Total Recall.”This is a $39.95 value.

Bonus#2: New Advanced Body Language Secrets :How to Efficiently Decode People’s Inner Feelings and Emotions & How You Can Use This Knowledge to Succeed in Your Career, Relationships, and Personal Life!.

Communicating with other people would become a much easier task. You will have a better understanding of people. It’s like your eyes will be opened to the world for the very first time.

Check out SOME of the information you will find inside:

checkmarkBody movements indicating interest.

checkmarkBody movements indicating that a person is more open to agree with you.

checkmarkHow to know if a person is thinking.

checkmarkBody movements indicating frustration or dismay.

checkmarkHow action-oriented people act or move.

checkmarkHow to know if a person is keeping a secret.

checkmarkBody movements indicating boredom

checkmarkSignals conveying excitement

checkmarkHow confident people act or move. Signals exhibiting authority or power

checkmarkBody movements that signal anger.

checkmarkBody movements that signal nervousness or tension.

checkmarkHow to know if a person is having suspicions of you.

checkmarkBody movements for reassurance.

checkmarkHow a person acts to convey pride.

checkmarkHow to detect a liar.

checkmarkHow to read body movements more accurately.

checkmarkActions to make someone like or trust you.

checkmarkHow to build rapport.

checkmarkHow to dominate your counterpart in a negotiation.

checkmarkThe first thing to do in a negotiation.

checkmarkHow to increase your sales using body movements.

checkmarkOne gesture that must never be done when selling.

checkmarkSigns that show your customers are willing to give in.

checkmarkHow to read and counteract potential objections of customers.

checkmarkThe right time to close the sale.

checkmarkHow to use body language to leave a lasting impression on your job interviewer.

checkmarkProper postures and gestures to ace the job interview.

checkmarkBody movements to avoid during a job interview.

checkmarkHow knowledge in body language can help in restoring order in meetings.

checkmarkHow to use good flirting movements to your advantage.

checkmarkHow to attract the opposite sex using body language.

checkmarkHow to know if a person of the opposite sex has feelings for you or is interested in you.

checkmarkGreat conversation openers.

checkmarkThe power of the touch.

Bonus#3: DNA of Success. Audio Interview With Jack Zufelt – Author Of The Best Seller The DNA of Success – take at look: (Another $39.95 value)

The game of “Hide & Seek” is great for children but when it comes to finding success it’s not child’s play at all. The search for success in all of us drives a multibillion-dollar per year industry.

Meet a world famous individual who teaches something about success that is so amazing.



Always, of course, our first goal is to improve your ability to understand everything you read. But this search for understanding does not conflict with a second vital goal – to speed up your reading rate.

Fast readers are good readers. And most people who read slowly do so because of one or two crippling habits they’ve picked up in their School years. Eliminate those habits and you liberate tremendous new-reading speed in yourself overnight.

Since you will be faced with a flood of paperwork in your lifetime, now is the time to build in that speed. Here are five simple tricks that will do it for you automatically:

1. Don’t let yourself point out words with your finger or a pencil. This slows you up. Read with your eyes only. This means your hands must be folded till you turn to the next page.

2. Keep from moving your lips or mouth. Lip-moving slows reading speed down to speaking speed. If it’s difficult for you to stop moving your lips, bite a pencil while you read till you lose the habit.

3. Don’t move your head from side to side. This tires you out and again slows up your reading. Only your eyes should move. Only your eyes need move.

4. Read aggressively. Actively. Tearing the ideas out of the pages with the techniques we are showing you in this book.

5. Learn the habit of skimming and then concentrating as described below. Make every reading assignment a search for main thoughts through a forest of useless words. Skim through 90 per cent those words, and concentrate only on the vital 10 per cent.

And then practice. Practice-practice-practice. Till you become an expert. Till these habits become second nature. Till you can zip through any written page, anywhere.

Want to “In Only 5 Minutes Quickly And Easily Double Your Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts… All Without Deep Study! In Only 5 Minutes Or Less Guaranteed!”

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— ———————————————————————-

The Six Tiny Keys To Knowledge

You future success or failure is going to depend largely upon your ability to absorb facts, skills procedures and put them to use.

Our Brain likes to store the information it receives into a organized fashion. This make it easier for our mind to comprehend and retain.

We can help our brain to comprehend and retain this information by organizing the flow of this information.

Any idea, any word, any phrase and any sentence can be turned into a question just by putting one of these six little words in front of it.







You should memorize them as they are very valuable words. These important words have being described as the Six Tiny Keys to Knowledge.

You can use these six keys with great success to remember information from newspapers and magazines by using who, what, where, when, why, how.

Journalists and some authors are trained to write using these six questions to arrange and organize text.

At a high speed you can search through the text looking for information that answers these questions and when you spot what you are looking for you make sure to take note.

Searching through newspapers and magazines like this will keep you up to date with your chosen field and the ways of the world. It will take you no time to go through an entire newspaper. Once you have located relevant articles you can read over them at a slower pace to absorb the information.

Want to “In Only 5 Minutes Quickly And Easily Double Your Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder Memory, Breeze Through Any Test, Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A Speakers Thoughts… All Without Deep Study! In Only 5 Minutes Or Less Guaranteed!” Then Visit Warren Banks at http://www.5MinuteLearningMachine.com . Free Online Course