Background Information About the Three Phases of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a life changing event in a couple’s life, and a body changing event in a woman’s life. Starting from pre-pregnancy health to post-partum well being, there are a lot of questions that pop up in the expecting mother’s mind. Here I am going to outline some necessary information about pregnancy that one needs to know about.


Let us divide this article into three sections, pre-pregnancy issues, care during pregnancy and post- pregnancy well-being. Focus more on the phase that you can relate with.

Pre-pregnancy issues- If you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s always good to bring a few changes in your lifestyle and routine even before you conceive. This is the best way to prepare yourself to handle the changes that would come your way, once you’re actually pregnant. Proper nutrition, lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise and dietary supplements are going to be appropriate. You should start taking folic acid supplements 2-3 months before you plan a baby. Keep a tab on the dates which form the fertile period of your ovulation calendar, which means those dates on which having intercourse would provide a greater chance of getting pregnant. Visit a healthcare provider before getting pregnant, so that you’re updated with accurate information about pregnancy. Also, get all of your routine tests done to rule out anemia or any other condition that must first be corrected. Last but not the least, make sure you’re carrying out the home pregnancy tests timely and correctly. A home pregnancy test after 4-5 days of intercourse doesn’t necessarily turn out positive. Be patient, and do the test once you’ve missed your period.

Care during pregnancy- You’ll get a lot of advice on this one, sometimes in the form of written material and almost always in the form of anecdotal, verbal advice. The most important thing to note here is that no matter how many similar opinions you get, no matter how much you are influenced about what is being told to you, always confirm it from your healthcare provider. Your body is different from others, which is why pregnancy has always been a confusing and mysterious event. Proper nutrition, no stress, plenty of fluids and regular visits to your doctor must be foremost during your journey. Gentle exercise and yoga during pregnancy has proved to be of great help as well. How many extra calories you need? How should you deal with concurrent health conditions, in case you’re suffering from any other long-term disease? Preparation for the last stages of pregnancy contain some of those important pieces of information about pregnancy during this phase, that you should be aware of.

Post-pregnancy well-being- The baby has arrived. You’re staring at the miracle of nature, which at the moment is crying with all its might. Yes, while all this time you were eagerly waiting for this very moment, you now have no idea what to do when it’s finally here. This can prove to be an exhausting moment for the mother. While trying to get used to the sleepless nights and cracked sore nipples, you might feel down in the dumps for losing control over your life and most importantly losing sanity. Try to involve your partner in a few chores so that you can get a break. Take a nap when your baby is sleeping, don’t give up the things that make you feel relaxed, be it yoga or any other self care method. Most importantly, continue to seek information about pregnancy. It Is in this phase that your mental stability and physical fitness is of immense importance. You have to take care of yourself during this time and you’ll see that things will settle in three to four months.

This was an overview on how to prepare yourself for all of the changes that are a part and parcel of pregnancy. This general piece of information about pregnancy was just to give you a basic picture of how one should take a pro- active approach during each of these phases and seek informed information about pregnancy.

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