Protect Your Beautiful Eyes

I think some of you are computer wizards and Internet savvy people that spend most of the time online glaring at desktop screens. And there are some workaholics, gamers, traders, web designers out that cannot even blink eyes at work. Even though I don’t relate to any of these categories, as a movie buff, I have this unique habit of watching television without blinking my eyes. Ever wondered what will happen to the most expressive and beautiful feature of your face? Did you ever realize how constantly you are giving a strain to your striking eyes?

Do you wish to have beautiful eyes that can mesmerize, hypnotize and captivate others? Do you wish to get rid of those spectacles and contact lenses that is not helping much in improving your vision? Do you wish to get rid of those under eye dark circles that are making you look much older than you are! How about saving some doctor fees and money on eye consultation?

Guys, I think I have a cure for this most common and arguably ignored disease. Well, it worked for me and not necessarily it should work for others. If you are indeed suffering from major eye sight problems, I’d actually ask you to consult a doctor as experiments are not good sometimes. I’d want you to try this with your own risk and utmost trust.

I remember this incident when I used to be a cry baby in school days. I was in 7th standard and I picked up headache problems by constantly watching the stupid box at home. I was forced to wear spectacles to get rid of my headache and though I started to escape from headaches, I began to pick under eye dark circles. Whenever I used to step out of my house, those roadies used to tease me. I was seriously pissed off and just banned Specs from my life without bearing further humiliation. But I had to find a solution to get rid of my headaches.


I used to see those beautiful ladies and countless ads displaying how a cucumber can help puffy eyes and act as a moisturizer. For a change, I tried cucumber as eye pads and the results were great and obvious. Within a few weeks, I was able to cure my headache problems by using cucumber as eye pads. What turned out to be a cure for headache, is also helping me avoid other problems like eye sight vision problems, under eye dark circles, dry skin issues and stress. At the same time, I drink plenty of water and that could be the other factor for improving my better eye vision.

Guys, did you knew cucumber offers so many benefits for everyone? Some of the common and less known cucumber cures are:

• Improves Memory

• Reduces Cancer

• Reduces chronic diseases

• Reduces breath problems

• Reduces Stress

• Improves Digestive Health

• Weight Maintain

• Reduces Heart problems

• Beauty Treatments

Now, I’d like to challenge some of you out there that are experiencing eye vision problems and under eye dark circles. Try cucumber as Eye pads everyday in the morning and night for 10 minutes for next 30 days and prove me wrong. Like I said before, what turned out to be a miracle for me may not be a medicine for others. But I guarantee that you’ll be surprised with the results. So let’s discuss results after a month time?

Final Thoughts: Most of us already know the benefits of cucumber and I am not sharing anything innovative or new. It’s just to spread awareness to help people that are constantly ignoring medical boons like this. And who wouldn’t want to protect those lovely eyes?
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