Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free | Review

Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free

The Secret To This Raw Healthy Chocolate Recipe
This raw chocolate recipe contains no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners

It only use natural sweeteners such as agave which, due to its low GI rating (Glycemic Index), has a very gentle impact on the body with no negative consequences


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Agave is actually 1½ times sweeter than sugar

It does not use “cheap nasty ingredients” like white flour, dairy and refined sugar that the processed food industry uses. In this book it is explained why in more depth

The chocolate recipes are made with either cacao butter or coconut oil, both are highly beneficial to our health

Coconut oil has been described as ” the healthiest oil on earth”. The body needs this oil for healthy body functions, so it does not head straight for the hips.

All these recipes are vegan friendly

Because this chocolate is not highly processed it still retains all the natural occurring health benefits of chocolate and the list is impressive

Chocolate contains amazing amounts of magnesium, chromium and iron to name but a few and is extremely high in anti-oxidants (sadly the milk added to processed chocolate cancels out the benefits of these anti-oxidants)

Chocolate contains a naturally occurring appetite suppressant. That is why it is often found in weight-loss products

In this book “Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free” Pamela talks in more depth about the health benefits of the ingredients used in her recipes

You will also discover many more alarming reasons not to eat store bought chocolate and many extra benefits of our guilt-free chocolate

This chocolate has been referred to as “the most nutritious food on the planet”. Buy the book to find out why!

At last, you can indulge in sweet, yummy chocolate treats and snacks that are actually good for you. The kids will love you for it, unbelievable but true.


When Pamela began her research this is what she found …
  • The population as a whole is struggling with obesity. You only have to look at the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry as proof of this
  • The rise in Type 2 Diabetes is alarming. This is commonly adult onset but the scary part is that it is now becoming more prevalent amongst our kids
  • It became glaringly obvious to her that somewhere along the line we were doing something very wrong with our diet. She knew there had to be a solution out there
  • Her research findings indicated that sugar-laden treats like store-bought chocolate was one of the main offenders
  • Sure we could all become health fanatics and follow the perfect healthy diet but hey – we’re human. There is no way people are going to stop eating chocolate – that’s just unrealistic
So it hit her – she needed to create a chocolate recipe
that is not only delicious but also good for you
It was then that Pamela wrote these recipe books in order that she could share her delicious, raw, original and healthy chocolate recipes with you.
Before I delve further into her research, have a look at some of the amazing raw recipes she has created …