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Product Name:  Customized Fat Loss System
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Product Author:  Kyle Leon
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Customized Fat Loss

The first and only nutrition system designed to torch fat while creating a life-long fat burning metabolism that’s taken years for high profile nutritionists to perfect.

This super-simple fat loss system is like having your own personal celebrity nutritionist holding your hand every meal.

Customized Fat Loss will show you:

  • What foods automatically awaken the fat-burning DNA lying dormant inside of you
  • How to quickly create a younger, faster metabolism that defies your genetics by seeing what foods, in what amounts and at what times are perfect for you
  • A trick to catapult your body into a 24/7 fat burning state so that you’re even striping off fat while sleep and waking up full of energy to looser fitting jeans almost daily.
  • The 2 secret metabolism boosting windows you have every day and what to eat during them to force fat loss and ensure you’re turning heads in just days instead of weeks.
  • The 11 foods to NEVER eat. Some of these foods you may think are healthy but are actually making you gain weight. Just avoiding these 11 foods cuts weight fast.
  • The exact amount of the 1 vital nutrient almost everyone messes up that kills your ability to burn fat. Get this right and you’ll accelerate your metabolism into overdrive.
  • Absolutely nothing is left to chance with this system

What results can you expect by following this system?

Well, if you follow this system you’ll lose weight….And when I say weight I don’t mean water weight or muscle, but pure fat.

Customized Fat Loss is not a restrictive fad or crash diet that leaves you hungry, damages your metabolism and ultimately fails and frustrates you time and again.

Surprisingly, Customized Fat Loss has you eating loads of delicious and flavorful foods that keep you full, ignite your metabolism, crank up your energy and ensure healthy, natural fat loss.

This anti-diet so to speak was made for you no matter where you’re starting from, no matter what generic approach has failed you in the past or how much fat you have to lose.

I bet you’re wondering what the price for this ground breaking system is. Well we’ll get to that in just a second.

But first, ask yourself, what would you invest to just lose 10, 12, or 15 pounds of the flabby, unsightly, unhealthy fat from your body?

What would the head turns, double takes, and compliments you’ll receive from having your new lean, attractive body be worth to you?

What would it be worth to achieve your physique goals and all of life’s benefits and perks that naturally follow?

Rest assured, it will be far less than you’re thinking.

To put things in perspective;

To receive this kind of professional, personalized and custom attention to your nutrition plan from a top-notch qualified nutritionist there is an upfront fee of 5 thousand dollars minimum.

You’re not going to pay anywhere near $5000.00 You’re not even going to pay near half of that.

I want to get this life changing system into as many hands as possible before it becomes unaffordable.

That’s why if you act today you can take advantage of this limited time offer and start your transformation today for a one-time ridiculously discounted secure payment of only $698.88    $47.

Order today, and not only will you own this system at 1/12 the real value but for a very limited time I will include the final pieces of your fat loss puzzle and throw in these 4 must have fat blasting bonuses to make this offer an absolute no brainer:

Customized Fat LossCustomized Fat Loss Training

If you want to accelerate and enhance your fat loss even further, this extremely simple, customized exercise program guarantees to do just that…….And more!

Save yourself time, energy, money and disappointment on things like exercise gizmos, or demanding and difficult programs that you don’t like and don’t work.

Research shows a professionally customized exercise program for your body type burns 3x more fat than generic programs and is twice as enjoyable!

This step by step 12 week program will:

  • Maximize your fat loss using quick, simple and easy exercises you’ll love even if you’ve never worked out before!
  • Rev up your metabolism as your body releases up to 2.5 X more natural fat burning hormones than ever before.
  • Define, strengthen and tone your muscles even in your flabbiest areas while melting off maximum fat from these same places!


Customized Fat  Supplemetation Customized Fat  Supplemetation

“Are you mistakenly taking so called “fat burners” that are actually KILLING your fat loss?”

In this straight talking E-Guide you will discover:

  • The supplements you should avoid like the plague and why they might be making it harder for you to lose weight.
  • The four supplements the pros use for further fat loss, the long standing proof behind them, and how they work together to assassinate fat.
  • How to save cash and get the most bang for your buck when buying supplements. Stop paying 1000% mark-ups. I will show you how inside.




Customized Fat Los peak in a Week Customized Fat Los peak in a Week


” The 1 week blueprint for 1 day of turning heads in your bathing suit”

In this cutting edge nutrition and training system you will discover:

  • The skin tightening, water manipulation technique that will bring you a dry, tight, and toned look that immediately turns heads in your bathing suit.
  • A closely guarded ab-popping technique used by professional fitness models to appear more ripped and shredded than you really are.
  • When and how to strategically use certain carbohydrates to literally look like your stomach, butt and thighs have zero skin or fat to pinch and are all lean muscle.
  • The key muscle training chiseling methods that will create mirror magic when you wake up day 7.
Purchasing these 4 bonus’s all together, the special discounted package price would be

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