Emotional Hook Formula (The Drama Method) | Review

The Drama Method

Inside you will find detailed and practical advice on how to deal with every kind of man in any kind of situation, whether you are single, dating, or married. You will not be left wondering what to do, because the advice is detailed and takes you by the hand to give you the insight into how to finally get the intense attraction and love you desire from a man.

When you sign up for the Drama Method, you get instant access to everything Aaron Fox is offering, which includes an eBook, audio, and 3 bonus reports.


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Product Name:  The Drama Method
Official Website: www.dramamethod.com
Product Author:  Aaron Fox
Product Type: Downloadable Ebook & Book
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Emotional Hook Formula (The Drama Method)

The eBook: This is where all that detailed and practical advice will be. Because this is an eBook, you can either read on your tablet or computer, or you can print it off and throw it into a binder to read in private. You will learn what men really want in a woman, how to flirt, why men lose interest, how to gain his desire, how to get him to call back, what men’s mood swings are about, how to make you his only option, and so much more information that will help you understand men on a much deeper level. Knowledge is power, and this eBook contains enough knowledge to give you an almost unfair amount of power over a man.

The Drama Method shows you the key things to do in order to seduce that man you have been waiting for, do not dwell on the mistakes you have made in the past and work on how to make a man fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

Buy the Drama Method that is filled with great tips about love and dating, real life experience stories that will enlighten you on men and love.


1.) Mind Scanner Report  – This report details a clever way to scan a man’s mind and get him to come up with his own reasons for dating you, spending more time with you, craving your attention, etc.  When it’s HIS idea, you don’t have to work so hard to get him to like you more, love you more, or commit to you.  It’s perfect to use on guy’s who just want to be friends or who have hinted that you aren’t his type.

2.) Shameless Truth Report – This report gives you the down and dirty secrets of what men truly think about and how they feel about relationships.  Scary, thought provoking, and a little unnerving, but definitely something that’s going to help you understand your man better than just about any other woman.

3.) Extreme Case Scenario Turnaround Report – This is probably my favorite of all the bonuses.  If you’ve ever done something stupid or embarrassing around a guy you like (who hasn’t, right?) and wish you could take it all back, then this will be a huge help.  It will help you erase those mistakes so they don’t get in the way of your relationship or ruin the attraction with your man.

Emotional Hook Formula (The Drama Method)