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Urgent Message For Men Who Want Massive, Rock-Hard Erections (Without Dangerous Prescription Drugs…)

Can a simple, all-natural recipe put an end to shameful, humiliating erectile dysfunction and restore the thick, fully engorged, long lasting erections women crave?

If you happened to come across this website by accident then you should consider yourself pretty lucky because I’m in the process of taking this offline.

This website accidentally propelled me into an unwanted spotlight thanks to the method I’ve pioneered to save my own sex life.

I’m getting too many requests for TV interviews, podcasts, and you know, I just don’t want to be known as “The Boner Guy”.


My name is Josh Harding, and I’m a history professor at a local community college in a small town in western Michigan, where I’ve taught for the past 24 years.

At the age of 58, with two grown kids and an archaeology fetish that takes up a lot of my time, I have no desire for fame.

I started this website because I wanted to help guys who are facing the same problem I was: watching their members shrink, their sex life vanish, and their wives and girlfriends roll out of bed with frustration written all over their faces.

Guys who are just looking for a natural solution to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) — even occasional ED that doesn’t involve dangerous, expensive, and physically addictive drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or painful testosterone shots.

I spent years researching EVERY medical and alternative treatment for ED…

peruAnd I was almost ready to toss in the towel when the most bizarre vacation I ever took led me on my own Indiana Jones-like adventure and the discovery of this crazy Peruvian “boner brew” changed my life, and the lives of thousands of men, forever.


This 3,000 year old hardening cocktail I’ll share with you today is so potent it led to the creation of hundreds of these pieces of pottery that were crafted to honor the elders from this tribe in Peru.

These white-haired Peruvian men were praised for their enlarged and fully functioning members and to this very day, the simple herbs they used for thousands of years are still working their magic on these lucky locals.

I know: I became one of them.

I’ll tell you that story in a moment, and when I do everything will finally click and you’ll get why drugs are not the answer you’re looking for.

You should know: I do not sell herbs, potions, drugs, or supplements of any kind.

I’m just going to tell you how to make this “boner brew” for yourself for about 30 freakin’ cents.

So do yourself and your manhood a favor and watch this right now while I still have it online.

You should first be warned that…

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Product Name:   Erect On Demand
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Product Author: Josh Harding
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Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

What I’ll be sharing with you today goes
against EVERYTHING you’ve
ever heard about ED!

Now you may be thinking like I was that ED is a mental thing, or an age-related problem, or maybe even that you don’t really have ED because you only occasionally lose your erection.

So let me know if any of this sounds familiar: Perhaps you suffer from soft or incomplete erections…

You know the kind…

Those half-way-there woodies that create many awkward “cram it in any way you can” moments and that leave you humiliated as you watch the disappointment wash over your lover’s face.

Or maybe you are suffering from temporary erections that wither away within minutes of engaging in sex.

Those are worse than not getting it up at all.

It’s like giving your lover a present and
taking it away before she opens the box!

woman-2Believe me, women remember those disappointments longer than you know.

Then there’s what I call “sensation-less sex”…

…when you can get it up for a short while yet the sensation and pleasure you feel is a fraction of what it used to be like.

Sensitivity will become very important to you as you keep reading so make special note, because you may not even realize that your penile sensation has all but vanished.

Remember back when you were a teenager?

There you were, sitting in math class, and the mere thought of seeing that cute blonde in her cheerleader outfit made you sprout wood, usually right before your teacher asked you to come to the front of the room and solve some equation.

I remember having to hide more than one untimely erection.

And if you’re being honest with yourself: you long for those days.

And, I bet you could barely keep yourself from releasing too quickly when you did have sex.

All of this is due to your member’s sensitive nerves being on red alert.

Keep reading, as I’m going to reveal how you can get that sensitivity back.

Now, something tells me that you don’t wake up every day with that infamous “morning wood” like you used to, either.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

As you’ll soon see, these are early warning signs and even if any of these terrifying events have only happened to you just a few times…

The reality is very clear:

This condition often leads to
Full-blown ED…

…leaving you in a permanent and irreversible state of what’s called “penile tissue decay”, or PTD.
In fact, according to urologist Dr. Paul Perito, unless you handle your ED right now…

You can lose up to one inch off
your member EVERY YEAR!

You’ll also be forced to resort to painful risky surgeries, where they slice open your penis from the base to the head, peel the head flap open, scrape out the delicate, sensitive spongy erectile tissue and replace it with a “balloon.”

The balloon is manually inflated by vigorously and repeatedly squeezing a third “testicle” sewn into your scrotum sending you to an early sexual grave…
boxers…Scary stuff!!!

If this continues, the worst thing that can happen to a man will happen to you:

You will stop wanting to have sex.

Even now, your drive to have sex is probably on its way downhill…

And eventually, you’ll lose all your sexual motivation…

When that happens, your brain signals
your body that it’s time to DIE!

Literally… Your body will start burning muscle tissue, storing more fat, losing even more hair…

And the reason is simple: Sex is the signal to your brain that you are a hunter…

A warrior… a true man.

When you no longer want sex, your body is programmed to shut all your vital systems down.

Now, if that was all your ED was doing to you that would be a reason to panic.

However, throughout my years of digging into this, I found out that the problem is a lot worse than you think.

In fact, it isn’t just a male problem:

Women suffer from ED as well.

Not in the physical way we do, mind you… but in the emotional and marital sense.

In a recent survey, 10,245 women were asked a simple question: “If your husband or lover cannot perform in bed, would you cheat on him?”

Four out of five women said “Yes”.

YES… your wife or girlfriend will likely cheat
on you unless you fix your flaccid erections!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, one out of those five women said they would leave their marriage if their husband couldn’t satisfy them sexually.

My wife Karen almost left me, so believe me:

I know this to be true, and Karen is one of the most loyal women I’ve ever known.

Today we have a fantastic marriage and an equally incredible sex life, but that wasn’t always the case.

So if you think you can just coast along and assume that your woman will stand by your side, think again.

Women feel shame and embarrassment
when their lovers can’t keep an erection…

They blame themselves, no matter what they may be telling you or how much you tell them it’s not their fault.

Think about it: If a woman said she wanted to have sex with you, said she loved you, said she thought you were attractive and desirable… and then her body betrayed her by literally shutting down sexually, what would you believe?

Now, what if you’re single? Well then, I bet you’re terrified of that first sexual encounter that’s bound to happen sometime very soon.

The anxiety you must feel over knowing there’s a massive chance that your member will just sag in her hands or go totally limp and shrink after only a few minutes of sexual contact is enough to overwhelm the strongest guy in the world.

Over 72% of single men over the age of 45 report a “high degree of sexual anxiety” when it comes to their first time with a new partner.

And when you can’t get it up, it leads to humiliation, rejection by your partner, and greater social isolation.

Without going into the bedroom knowing you can perform on command…

You are setting yourself up for
disappointment and embarrassment…

…and that doesn’t have to happen.

Starting today, you can return to the time when a strong breeze would give you a rise in your jeans, and when you could perform at a moment’s notice, often going for hours, and multiple times in a row.

I believe that’s the right of every man, at any age.

So let’s address the problem head-on before things gets out of hand.

During my years of research into the real cause of ED and natural ways to reverse it I discovered 3 common myths that most men believe when it comes to getting and keeping firm erections.

I’m going to cover them really quickly so we can move on to my rather unusual solution that’s working for thousands of men as we speak.

First, I want to save you months, even years of frustration as well as a hell of a lot of money by exposing these myths and lies.

The first myth is one I heard all my life and you probably have as well:

“It’s all in your head”

myth-1Well, guess what:

It’s all in your penis.

This myth got started because men reported feeling anxious during sex. And later on, the cart got put before the horse. Anxiety became the reason for soft or nonexistent erections.

In reality, poor erections are the reason for the anxiety.

Think about it:

If you’re anything like I was, you certainly did…

…yet you got hard enough to drive a nail through a 4×4, didn’t you?

When you were a teenager, did you feel anxious before sex?

It’s not in your head… at least the one on
your shoulders…

You have a physical problem, and we’re going to solve that problem shortly.

The second myth is a rather costly one: one that can break you financially as well as ruin your health.

“Little blue pills are the

No, they’re not.

In fact, they’re part of the problem. While you could spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on drugs like Viagra and Cialis, they work to only temporarily give you an erection, they do nothing whatsoever to address the cause of ED.

Worse… these drugs can
destroy your health!

Blurred vision, increased risk of stroke, blindness… My doctor even warned me that I could be at risk for early heart disease, diabetes, and loss of penile sensitivity.

Now I have a solution that works just as well, without a single side effect, and that addresses the cause of ED directly.

If only more men knew how dangerous these drugs really are!

Okay, here’s the third really big fat lie; a myth that’s become a billion-dollar industry over the past decade:

Testosterone injections will fix your

erectondemandAt first, this seems like common sense.

After all, testosterone is the male sex hormone, and it declines with age.

However, what Big Pharma is not telling you, is that testosterone injections do not FIX the problem of ED.

These injections raise your libido, but do nothing to increase blood flow to your penis.

In fact, synthetic testosterone reduces blood flow by creating thicker blood.

The thicker your blood, the worse your circulation becomes.

Circulation is absolutely the key to rock-solid erections on demand, so avoid anything that impairs it.

There are some natural alternatives that work and don’t thicken the blood, and I’ll tell you more about that in a second…

Blood flow is one answer… but it’s not the only answer.

However, there’s something worse happening to your penis.

Something hardly anyone ever talks about…

Your penis has lost its sensitivity…

You see, your erection is triggered by the nerves at the tip that run up and down the shaft.

Thanks in part to aggressive masturbation like using too tight of a grip, not using proper lubrication, masturbating too frequently or prolonged sitting, you start losing sensitivity in your penis at an alarming rate.

Once these nerves start to die off, every time you masturbate or have sex, the skin on your member starts to thicken.

This creates the ideal environment for ED to set in.

This fact cannot be overstated:

The loss of penile sensitivity is the
#1 cause of ED…

The statistics are alarming: Men who are circumcised are four times more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, starting as early as 19.

This is because over 80% of your penile nerves are located in your foreskin.

Circumcised or not, the nerve damage that causes this loss of sensitivity reduces your pleasure, especially during orgasm.

Not to mention, sex simply doesn’t feel as good as it used to.

The goal of this page is to help you restore the sensitivity in your member and revive those dying nerves before they lose all life.

Once sensitivity is restored, sexual pleasure explodes, and your chambers more fully engorge, leaving you rock-hard at the drop of a hat.

So the question is:

How do you restore your penile sensitivity and
increase the natural flow of blood to your

What follows is perhaps the wildest story you’ll ever hear.

It’s how a last-ditch effort to save my marriage accidentally led me to one of the strangest places on earth.

It was there that I met the man that would change my sex life forever.

If you’ll recall, I’m a history professor, and a wannabe archaeologist.

I grew up watching Indiana Jones movies, and that got me interested in ancient ruins and cultures.

I set out to become an archaeologist, but I ran into this lovely gal named Karen.

She was a history major, and I ended up following in her footsteps rather than Indy’s.

So while I never became a professional archaeologist, it has certainly been a lingering passion of mine for almost 30 years now.

It was a January day in 2011 when my passion for these mysterious and ancient civilizations ran smack dab into my desire to recover my passion for sex and rescue my marriage from the ravages of ED.

Winters in Michigan are legendary for their blistering cold, and this winter felt as if God was settling an old score.

My marriage was crumbling, and my wife was as cold as the weather outside.

I can’t say I blame her.

Our sex life was practically dead
and buried after every ED solution
we tried failed…

At first she was on board and on my side.

She was open to the idea that this was just ED and not her.

But after one failed attempt after another to cure my ED, and near-endless string of limp noodle encounters and candles being blown out moments after they were lit, what little romantic hope I had left within me faded to black.

She even confessed she was
attracted to another man and
wanted to cheat!

francisMy best friend Bill didn’t help matters any at all.

He was going through ED as well, despite not telling me about it until well after it was too late.

He landed on our couch after his wife of 21 years left him for a younger, more virile man.

It was only then that he confessed his problem to me.

It’s hard to see a grown man cry, let me tell you…

…especially a guy as tough as Bill.

Bill is a welder, and has a grip that could crush a coconut, yet ED and its cruel consequences left him sobbing like a newborn, and just as scared.

Karen admitted later that she had talked to Bill’s wife, Francine and Francine couldn’t stop gushing about her new lover.

I’m thankful that my wife is more loyal, but I’m also honest enough with myself to know that it could happen to me.

So after the commotion died down, I decided to ask Karen to go on an exotic vacation with me.



Because of these

I knew from my studies that Peru was legendary for its sexual tonics.

And it’s a culture I’ve always wanted to study.

Not exactly the most romantic destination, but I wasn’t feeling too romantic anyway.

When we arrived in Peru, we were greeted by a friend and colleague of mine, Russ.

Russ had been living in Peru for the past twelve years studying several native tribes and their customs.

I had been emailing him and asking about these strange figures, and I asked if he knew anything about the people who made them.

Russ said he did… In fact, he would take me to their village and told me to prepare for a fantastic time because I would see some sights usually reserved only for locals.

It was the second night when it all happened:

Russ took us deep into the Peruvian jungle to the most bizarre “retirement party” I have ever been to.

“The people here celebrate men who have reached the age of rest,” Russ told me.

“In celebration for their accomplishments as a hunter and protector, they are given a brew of local herbs that is like a sexual cocktail.”

I was as nervous as I was curious:


I could tell Karen was a bit scared, and to be honest, so was I.

I held her tight as the ceremony began.

The elder of the tribe was standing in front of a middle-aged Peruvian couple.

As he chanted something in their native language, he dipped a large spoon into a huge pot of steaming liquid.

He poured this into a cup and the retiring warrior drank it down.

After a few more Peruvian words, the man took hold of his wife and went into a hut that was surrounded by women from the tribe.

A large hand-made box filled with what I gathered was the herbs and plants that made up this “Boner Brew” was carried into the hut by several of the younger males.

Before I had a chance to ask about the drink, Russ tapped me on the shoulder and said,

“Okay, time to go.”

As we drove out of the village, I just had to ask Russ about that potion.

“So, what’s in that brew Russ? Any idea?”


village“Does… it work?”

I mean, I just had to know…

“Apparently so. You see a lot of happy women in that tribe! But they never allow outsiders to try it.”

Well, call it whatever you like:

My desperation to regain my manhood…

My inner Indiana Jones rearing its head….

My desire to try anything if it would help save my marriage…

Whatever it was, I decided I was going to find a way to try that brew.

The next day I called Russ and confided in him about my problem, and asked him if we could go back to the tribe we had visited the night before.

“I can take you back, but you have to promise me to not interfere with their customs.”

That night was less exciting than the night before, but I did notice that the older warrior’s wife had a huge smile on her face.

It was then that I noticed the elder of the tribe sitting by a fire, alone.

Russ and I walked over to him. I took Karen by the hand, not really giving her much of a choice.

We sat down beside the elder and I asked Russ to translate my question:

“With respect, may I ask what you give your resting hunters to drink?”

The elder responded in his native tongue… and Russ translated:

“These aren’t the exact words he said, but it’s like a ‘mating drink’.”

“It’s given to men because now that they are retired from the hunt, they spend most of their days with their wives and they need more sexual stamina.”

I decided to go for it:

“May I drink some?”

Russ asked the elder, and he shook his head ‘no’.

“Then may I please know what is in it?”

Again, the elder said no.


karenOr at least it feels like one to this very day…

Karen, who had been silent this entire time, began to cry.

I thought she was afraid…

… after all, we were in the Peruvian jungle in the middle of the night and hours away from anything we would call civilization.

But that’s not why she was crying.

Karen was crying because she was in tremendous emotional pain.

The elder paused for a second, looked at Karen and looked at me then an understanding smile appeared on his face.

The elder motioned to one of his younger warriors and said something in Peruvian.

The young man brought over a small box of 5 different Peruvian herbs and two plant stems.

Before I could ask how much to use of each, the elder got up and asked us politely to leave.

That night, I decided to become my own guinea pig.

I took an equal amount of each herb, and mixed in stems from both the plants into a vat of hot water.

After 15 minutes, I dipped a cup into the mixture and drank it down.

I have to admit, it tasted like tar, but if it saved my marriage, I would gladly drink it every day.

That night, for the first time in years I felt a pleasant tingling sensation and so much energy I could barely sleep however I didn’t get fully erect.

In the next few days, I kept on trying different combinations using differing amounts of each herb.

And then, on day 5, I scored. Literally.


Not only was the sex great for her, the sex felt better than I remember it ever feeling.

I was nervous when I climaxed early… really early… yet my nerves calmed when just 20 minutes later I was ready to go again!

The sex went on for hours until we were both exhausted, and the best sleep we had in years.

Now, there was one serious problem with my “Boner Brew”:

These herbs and plants were local, and I was running out.

So unless I wanted to move to Peru, I had to figure something out fast.

I called a friend of mine that headed up the chemistry department at the University of Michigan.

I asked him if he would be interested in a really unique project…
…and upon hearing about it, he agreed to analyze the herbs and plants.

It took six weeks to get the results, but the wait was worth it.

It turned out that four of the five herbs were found in many spots around the world.


Just one herb was only found in Peru…

…however, the active chemical structure of that herb was identical to an enzyme found in several American fruits!

So, using about 30 cents worth of herbs in precisely the right combination along with eating a small serving of enzymatic-rich fruit delivered about 80% of the results of the Boner Brew from Peru.

And, while 80% is great, I was spoiled to getting firm throughout the day and waking up with a full woody every single morning.

I couldn’t settle for anything less.

It took another four months of research and about 100 attempts to mix the Boner Brew until I finally stumbled upon the right combination:

— 4 herbs

that cost about

30 cents total

— 1 amino acid

that costs less than

$10 a month

— And 2 specific fruits that serve as a kind of transport for the entire cocktail

I was even able to find everything I needed in very small, easy-to-swallow capsules so I didn’t have to gag down that original mixture.

The result?

Not only have I cured my ED problem for good…


Sex hasn’t felt this incredible since I was a very young man. Now that my penile sensitivity has been restored, I can enjoy sex again with the excitement of a football star on prom night.

Let’s talk about getting your hands on this recipe as well as a few other things I’ve found that will help you restore your sex drive and sexual performance.

Fortunately for you, I’m a professor, so I know a thing or two about taking notes and doing my homework.

My years of research didn’t just reveal the ONLY all-natural ED solution that restores penile sensitivity, and increases blood flow into your chambers…

Which increases your size and hardness. It also taught me dozens of last-longer, better sex secrets that I’ve been fortunate enough to share with men like you from every part of the world.

Today, I’d like to give you the answer to ED in a simple, easy-to-read, straight to the point manual for men called:


Erect On Demand is a quick read with pure content, no fluff, no confusing scientific or technical mumbo jumbo to wade through, and no false promises.

Erect On Demand was created for men of all ages: from college guys who are beginning to show the signs of early occasional ED… all the way to men in their golden years of retirement who are not ready to put their sex life out to pasture just yet.

Erect On Demand will work for you regardless of your age, race, or no matter how serious your condition may be.


You owe it to yourself and your partner to try Erect On Demand before you give up all hope.

I’ve seen many men who were fully impotent regain their sexual drive as they watched their withering member reawaken to its younger, harder, fuller self.

Or, you may be like many men and simply want to have more confidence in your ability to get and keep an erection for as long as it takes to really impress your wife or lover.

Whatever your needs happen to be, I’m more than confident Erect On Demand is the solution you’ve been asking for.

You’ll get the absolute truth delivered in a simple-to-read manual designed to get you back in the bedroom and playing at full strength within minutes after you get it in your hands.

Inside Erect On Demand, you’ll discover:


I’ve included the exact recipe derived from the original tonic I discovered while vacationing in Peru, plus the improvements I’ve made to it over the past year.

You can get every ingredient you need online, or at any health food store, for pennies a day!

Imagine the money you’ll save, the frustration you’ll avoid, and the look on your lover’s face the first time you drink it down and spout the largest, hardest erection you’ve had in decades.

And, it’s super simple to make, and only takes about 15 minutes to prepare.


Like I said, I wasn’t a fan of drinking Boner Brew, so I put in the extra legwork and found every herb and supplement you’ll need in super small capsules.

Just a few capsules a day will give you a lifetime of rock-solid pleasure.

This 1-Minute Miracle version is perfect if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to mess around in the kitchen!


Here’s the truth: when I couldn’t get it up, I was forced to become a total expert at foreplay.

Oral sex, G-spot stimulation, and hidden erogenous zones were just a few of the tricks up my sleeve.

So, as a part of your ED cure, I want you to also flip over to page 11 in your Erect On Demand Manual and read up on these simple techniques.

The combination of your new found erections combined with these love-making “Superman” tips will make for the greatest sex you and your partner have ever had.

She’ll forget all about your past ED problems after the first few times you take her to these exciting new pleasure places.


Using my Boner Brew formulation will radically increase your penile sensitivity and eradicate your ED for good.

However, I discovered several simple exercises you can do the next time you’re in the bathroom by yourself to make the process go even faster… and trust me, you’ll totally enjoy the journey!

Combining these very pleasurable (be sure to have tissues handy) tricks with my Boner Brew cocktail can accelerate your path to regaining FULL sensitivity in as little as 21 days.




I have to admit it: I loved it the first time Karen asked me that question. She was looking at my erection right before we had sex when she asked me if I was taking “something to make it thicker and longer.”

The truth is, I wasn’t taking anything. I’ll reveal what I did to give the appearance of adding an inch in length AND girth inside Erect On Demand.


So here’s something that’s a bit embarrassing to admit: during my years with ED, the only way I could keep an erection for more than about 5 minutes was to lay on my back and receive oral sex from my wife.

However, after a while of not receiving actual penetration, even the most giving lover gives out. So I was forced to read up on how to create what I call “Blow Games”.

This turns oral into a playful game that appeals to a secret side of a woman; the side that wants to let her naughty side come out without feeling shame or guilt.

Once you know how to unlock this side of your lover, your sex life will never be the same. Who knows what games she’ll want to play?

I have Karen’s permission to say this: one of the games she still loves to play is one that she swore for 17 years she would never, ever do… and now she asks for it just about every week.

That’s the power of these secret places inside a woman’s mind, and I’ll give you every secret I discovered along my journey inside Erect On Demand.


Honestly, I can all but guarantee you’ve never seen these positions before, even if you’ve read the Kama Sutra a dozen times…

However, these positions have the unique distinction of forcing her to orgasm 2-5 times faster.

Believe me when I say, SHE has no idea what’s about to happen to her tonight.

Let’s just hope you don’t mind a little bit of positive gossip…


I’m going to tell it to you straight: you will be tempted to use your newfound sexual powers on other women.

Now, I don’t mean to get all preachy on you, but I believe in staying faithful to my wife.

I’ve never cheated on her, but I will admit that there have been many times since discovering Erect On Demand that women have thrown themselves at me.

At first, this really puzzled me, because I’ve never had that happen. I’m not a super attractive man, and I’m 58 years old, but all of a sudden I had women of all ages, including 3 students of mine, openly come on to me.

I later found out that when a man is having frequent sex, he releases very powerful sexual pheromones that attract women like a magnet. I’ve had to learn how to resist temptation, otherwise my marriage would have been doomed.

I’ll share how I deal with it inside Erect On Demand… and if you’re single, you can skip this section…


Now, the benefits of getting tent peg-like erections throughout the day go without saying…

… however, some men are rather shocked when they:

Get hard at the THOUGHT of having sex (no touching or foreplay required…)

Cum on command; go as long or as fast as you desire…

Go strong during a few all-nighters (you may not have the time, but you will have the tool and the ammo if you want to totally wear her out…)

Explode with higher-volume orgasms (the more sensitive your penile shaft becomes, the more sperm you tend to ejaculate…)

Lengthen the look and feel of your penis… all thanks to those penile chambers receiving the full amount of blood and nitric oxide required to expand your girth and length to its absolute max…

Switch it up on her and go for all the best positions without fearing the loss of your erection. Most men that have low-level ED stick to one or two positions to avoid losing their rod… well, as of today, you can enjoy the sex you and your lover truly deserve…

Attract more women than ever thanks to the Pheromone Phenomenon I describe on page 42… just behave yourself if you’re married!


Now because you’ve been paying attention so far, you probably realize how powerful Erect On Demand can be in putting the life back in your penis.

You may be starting to imagine all the ways having a revived penis with renewed sensitivity will improve your life.

Now you might have a couple of questions… like how can I get access to this today? How much is this going to cost? and is it guaranteed to work for me?

I’ll answer those questions, but before I do, I have one question for you:

What would it be worth to you if you could end the shame and nightmare of ED for good, reawaken the sensation in your penis, giving yourself and your partner the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever experienced?

How confident will you feel when you can get rock hard at a moments notice, and fully penetrate a woman for hours on end, with no chance of going soft, or limp during sex?


Can you even put a price on it? Probably not… since most men would rather die than live without it.

Many men spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on a pills, treatments and dangerous life-altering surgeries, that give unnatural artificial erections that do nothing to restore full sensitivity.

And when you factor in a lifetime of pill dependence, that could leave you blind, surgery that can permanently deform your member or a lifetime of sexual abstinence and awkward excuses…


What would it be worth to you to know with certainty for the rest of your life you could always get rock hard on command, enjoying intense sensation-filled sex… and know you will never be one of “those” guys who women secretly laugh at?

Smart men who have access to Erect On Demand right now say they couldn’t even begin to put a price on the restoration to their Penis.

Several men have been quoted saying that they would have gladly paid thousands for access to this program. However because you’re on this page, you’re getting access to this system for a fraction of that.

When you click on the order button below you’ll get access to the entire Erect On Demand system for just $49 — the best part is, when you place your order now, you’ll unlock the secrets to permanently reversing ED within minutes, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

2016-01-25 18_26_21-

Over the course of a month, that’s gonna break down to less than $1.63 a day, which is even less than the price of a cup of coffee.

It’s even less than the cost of condoms you’ll need this year, once you start using the syste

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Now as I mentioned before, I can’t guarantee this website is going to stay up any longer.

As much as I enjoy helping to restore the sex lives of thousands of guys across the world, I simply don’t want to be known as “The Boner Guy”.

That’s why I’m going to be taking this website down and you’re never going to see this presentation again.

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panties-offGet her hot and ready for action with a push of the button. She can be at the supermarket, work, visiting her parents and as soon as you ‘copy and paste’ one of these dirty texts to her… you’re guaranteed to leave her dripping with anticipation.

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titan-staminaBecome a ‘sex god’ in the bedroom! Did you know that there’s certain POSITIONS (actually it’s a certain way you hold your legs) you can use so that you last for 45 minutes — and up to 2 hours?

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innocent-wordsDid you know there’s 33 innocent words and phrases you can slip into any ordinary,everyday conversation that gets her making the first move?

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We know it works.

So do the thousands of happy customers worldwide.

Oh — before I forget, I need to tell you how being great in the bedroom can really help your social life too.

I was out to dinner with my wife and her smoking hot girlfriend Katherine — about 10 years younger than us I might add…

And after one glass of wine, Karen, started going off about how great our sex life is these days…

And at first I was embarrassed… after all I prefer to keep our private life private, and the conversations up until recently were never very positive…

However, when Karen started talking about how I could stay hard for nearly two hours, Katherine’s eyes widened… And I don’t know if it was my imagination or not, I swear she started holding eye contact with me a lot longer than usual…

Now I’m a loyal guy and I would never cheat, but I know that Katherine was intrigued, and curious enough to experience it for herself…

I swear, it’s almost brought out a more ‘sexual’ side of my wife too, because she suggested the three of us get in the hot tub together for a second round of drinks.

Now here’s the crazy part — Katherine was getting changed in our bathroom, she left the door almost halfway open, giving me an ample view of her gorgeous breasts — that was enough to almost rip a hole in my jeans!

Now I can’t tell you what happened in the hot tub, I’ll leave that to your imagination — and frankly everyone’s relationship is different… that’s not important…

What is important is the newfound respect, and attention I get from my wife’s friends now…


…because almost every single female friend that comes over is extra nice to me, and goes out of her way to touch me, hug me a bit longer when I say hello…

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So… how effective is Erect On Demand?


Kevin from White Plains,
New York wrote to me and said:

Josh, when I first came across your website on how you cured your ED, I didn’t know what to believe. I could tell you were an honest guy, but I thought that you didn’t have it as bad as I did. I was completely impotent. I couldn’t even get it up to masturbate.

At 71, I just assumed my time was over. My wife stopped asking for sex over a decade ago. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m back in the game, and my dear wife of 44 years could not be happier. She’s asked that I include you in our Christmas card mailing this year! Expect a Merry Christmas, and a God Bless from your new friend.



Jonathan from Dallas,
Texas emailed me this:

“Absolute B.S.! That’s what I thought the first time my buddy Nathan told me about this “Boner Brew” that he was taking, and about Erect On Demand. I just laughed at him and said, “You’re probably just still feeling the effects of the Cialis you’ve been taking for years.”

Well, after two months, and after listening to my wife go on and on (and on!) about how his wife Jayne was “having the greatest sex of her entire life”, I had to try it myself.

I’m going to be honest: I borrowed Nathan’s copy and bought the herbs and fruit you mention in the manual. I was surprised that it was so cheap. Anyway, as you probably guessed, it worked a bit too well. I had to cut back to 3 times a week because I literally couldn’t get any work done.

I get multiple erections throughout the day, and sex feels better than I ever remember it feeling.

Just so you know, I bought three copies of Erect On Demand because I’m an honest guy, and I wanted to feel good about giving two copies away to my brothers. They’re raving fans as well. Thanks!


And Stephen from Auckland,
New Zealand wrote in and
shared this story with me:

“I just want to shake your hand one day, mate.

I simply cannot believe how well this silly little herbal blend has totally changed my sex life. I’m single, 37, and I had ED for over 10 years. Yep, at the ripe old age of 27, my member refused to stand at attention.

Scared the crap out of me. I did the Viagra thing, and that worked for a while, but then I had a series of kidney problems and had to stop.

I figured I was screwed… no pun intended…until a buddy of mine recommended EOD.

Now I have them lined up… and I’m not joking. I have never had this much sex in my life.

I know a lot of your customers are older and married, but I’m here to tell you: if you’re single, this is the greatest thing since the invention of the condom!



In fact, you stand at the threshold of having the very best sex of your life…

… assuming you take action.

The choice you now face is really no choice at all.

You can continue in the death grip of erectile dysfunction and risk losing more than just your manhood.

Your most precious relationship is an unwilling victim of your ED.

Right now, she is slowly pulling away on the inside…

… perhaps she’s already begun plotting her escape.

You have to understand: it isn’t that she doesn’t love you… It’s that her body doesn’t feel loved by you.

A woman’s mind is her orgasmic center, and when you can’t keep it up long enough to please her, and bring her into the pleasure she is craving, her tender side would rather blame herself than blame you.

  • Yes, you feel humiliated.
  • Embarrassed.
  • Less like a man than ever before.
  • I was there, so I can relate.
  • However, it’s HER that feels rejection and misery…

… and she will have to run into the arms of another man eventually in order to soothe her pain.

However, there is a more pleasurable path for you today: one that will put you and your lover on the road to the very best sex of your life.

Sex that’s long, spontaneous, and full of adventure.


… confidence that comes naturally when your member is at your command — with the intimacy that will bind her to you forever.

And, if you’re single, do you really want to risk making a first impression with a limp and sagging member showing up in the bedroom?

No man wants this.

We men crave sexual respect, and to earn that respect, you absolutely need to make even occasional ED a distant memory.

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You can try Erect On Demand on me for a full 60 days and if you are not fully sexually satisfied…

… and SHE isn’t equally satisfied… then simply email me for a prompt, hassle-free refund.

So have a look at the two paths in front of you right now:

On one side, you have the end of your sexual era… an early retirement death ritual for your lagging member.

And on the other side you have Erect On Demand: the exact cocktail I used to restore my penile hardness and sensitivity within a matter of days.

On this side of the road you have all the pleasure in the world to both give and receive.

You’ll know she craves you and only you because you can pleasure her like no man ever has.

Plus you’ll feel like someone turned the clock back 10, 20, even 30 years on your sex life, as if you were back in your first girlfriend’s bedroom about to score for the first time before her parents got home from work.

That’s the exact same sensation I experienced that night in Peru when, after years of embarrassment and failure, I was able to pleasure my wife the way I wanted.

If you can call this a “choice”, then the choice is yours…

…just be sure to make the only smart decision a man can make and let me give you Erect On Demand today for only $49.

Do that now, and prepare for the fireworks.

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