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Infinite Brain System

 Infinite Brain Power System

The Infinite Brain Power System is a two part program. It has been designed this way to give you the flexibility to focus on the area of your life that you want to create positive changes in the most.

You can choose to work your way through the Deep Meditation System to improve all areas of your life at the same time, or you can start with any of the more specific Infinite Brain Power ‘Tune Up Your Mind’ Sessions… The choice is yours.

Infinite Brain System
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Product Name:  Infinite Brain Power System
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Product Author: Todd Lee
Product Type: Downloadable Ebook
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Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

 Here’s all the details…

PART 1 – The Deep Meditation ‘Whole Life Enhancement’ System – How To Meditate ‘Automatically’ Like A Yogi Master!

This part of the program has 4 sessions that are to be used in sequence from 1 to 4, each recording is to be used for approximately four to six weeks before moving onto the next session. You will experience an amazing transformational journey that will totally revolutionize your life…

 Session 1 – ‘A New Beginning’ – Your Introduction To The Infinite Brain Power System (Session 1 Run Time – 59 minutes and 59 seconds) Value $77

In this first audio session you will be introduced to the Infinite Brain Power System with a simple yet extremely powerful recording that will truly put you on the path to “Unleashing Your Infinite Brain Power”!

More specifically, after listening to this session you will experience a deep meditation that will guide, relax and rejuvenate your mind like nothing you have ever experienced before.

This first recording will train your mind to receive the soothing yet extremely powerful entrainment we have specially designed to commence you on your journey of personal, spiritual, emotional and mental healing on many different levels.

It will open up doorways in your mind and begin to awaken the infinite storehouse of hidden talents and abilities that have up until now remained locked up and dormant deep in your subconscious mind… and will allow them to start naturally flowing to the surface.

Infinite Brain System

 Session 2 – ‘The Journey’ – Experience Extreme Relaxation & Inner Peace… Tap Into & Heighten Your Intuition… Plus Increase Your Perception & Awareness (Session 2 Run Time – 59 minutes and 57 seconds) Value $77

The journey continues in this second session where your mind will be guided into deeper brainwave frequencies that will start to open your mind to bring about profound experiences in your life.

Your mind will start to operate more effectively, your awareness will be increased and the pathways between your conscious and subconscious minds will be opened up to allow the free flow of information, ideas, bursts of creativity and intuitive leaps of consciousness.

You will start to trust your ‘higher self’ due to this increased functioning of the brain and strengthening of the connections within your mind. Your intuition will start to take over and guide you forward in all areas of your life, almost like you will have flicked on the ‘automatic pilot’ switch to making your life flow easier than ever before!

 Session 3 – ‘The Release’ – Naturally Experience Subtle Yet Powerful Positive Changes In Your Life By Automatically Releasing Unwanted Blockages From Your Mind (Session 3 Run Time – 59 minutes and 58 seconds) Value $77

Now that your mind is starting to operate more effectively and build new structures within your brain, you will notice that old destructive habits, behaviours and negative thought patterns that used to sabotage you will start to just subtly melt away and lose their negative grip on your life.

You will find that you are naturally ‘releasing’ stress from your life and your natural way of being is becoming increasingly more peaceful, relaxed and calm. Things that used to bother and ‘stress you out’ will have less and less impact on you until eventually you will be unconcerned by them at all.

Your mind will become increasingly more proficient at naturally releasing the blockages that are buried deep in your subconscious mind that currently prevent you from achieving the success you desire in your life.

Now it’s time to start truly releasing them forever!

 Session 4 – ‘The Synchronized Mind’ – How To Automatically Use Both Sides Of Your Brain To Naturally Tap Into Your Inner Genius (Session 4 Run Time – 59 minutes and 57 seconds) Value $77

Now that you are up to the fourth session in the Deep Meditation System, both sides of your mind are now starting to harmonize and create the neural pathways and necessary structures within your brain to continue the Hemispheric Balancing process on a deeper level that will lead to “Whole Brain Functioning” and will release your genius like thinking abilities.

This is the process that will allow you to naturally tap into your inner genius and will bring about very powerful and positive changes in your life!

‘A-Ha’ moments will occur for you regularly, deep insights will flow into your consciousness, you will begin to solve problems quicker and easier and your mind will operate more sharply and effectively than ever before.

Believe me your life is about to be changed forever! Be very, very excited!!!

2015-10-04 19_25_25-Improve Memory _ Strengthen Concentration _ Boost IQ _ Increase Focus

PART 2 – The Infinite Brain Power ‘Tune Up Your Mind’ Sessions – For Lazer Targeted Brain Functioning On Many Different Levels…

These specific mind enhancing sessions can be used in any order and will allow you to focus on boosting and optimizing specific parts of your mind. You can use them as often as you like and the more you listen to them, the more you will ‘tune your mind’ for success and achievement…

 Session 5 – IQ & Intelligence Booster… Discover How To Fine Tune & Turbo Charge Your Mind (Session 5 Run Time – 40 Minutes and 59 Seconds) Value $47

Get ready to become a genius almost overnight!

This amazing session will increase electrical activity and blood flow to your brain… which means it will speed up your brain, plus it will create the growth of synapses (which are crucial to the biological computations that underlie perception and thought in your brain)…

In plain English, what this means to you is a much faster, smarter and highly optimized brain that will operate more effectively than ever before and will boost your IQ far beyond what it is now!

This is quite possibly the most amazing session you will ever use in your life! (I know it was for me)

 Session 6 – Maximum Energy Booster… Your Natural Caffeine Replacement (Session 6 Run Time – 19 Minutes and 57 Seconds) Value $47

You will be amazed at how energized, revitalized and how much physical power this session will create for you! After listening to this session you will instantly be ‘super charged’ and ready to take on your day with more enthusiasm and energy than you have had in years!

Forget coffee, this session will NATURALLY give you a much bigger buzz than a double shot latte!

This truly is the key to becoming a highly energized individual…

 Session 7 – Concentration, ‘Super’ Focus & Memory Booster… Your Very Own ‘Mental Muscle Building’ Work Out! (Session 7 Run Time – 19 Minutes and 59 Seconds)Value $47

This amazing session is just like a mental “work out”. In fact, this phenomenal session will actually cause you to grow more dendrites in your brain.

What does this mean to you? Well, dendrites are the parts of your brain where you access and store your memories, so by growing more dendrites you are increasing your memory power!

But that’s not all, this session will also give you lazer targeted ‘super-focus’ and will allow you to concentrate with more clarity than ever before!

You MUST have this session to ensure you become as focused and productive as possible…

 Session 8 – Accelerated Growth, Healing & Anti-Ageing Rejuvenator… How To Release Human Growth Hormone & Other Special Brain Chemicals To Heal Your Body & Turn Back The Clock By Reversing The Ageing Process (Session 8 Run Time – 59 Minutes and 59 Seconds) Value $47

Are you interested in slowing down the effects of ageing? Well we have some amazing and good news for you because this audio track has been specially designed to do exactly that!

Your brain will be stimulated and in fact slowed down to produce relaxing endorphins, Human Growth Hormone, increased levels of DHEA, Seratonin and Melatonin, while reducing levels of Cortisol (the hormone that causes stress).

So what does all this mean? It means that simply by listening to this session you will dramatically reduce stress at the source (by reducing Cortisol), plus you will slow the ageing process, while at the same time you will be increasing your overall well being and longevity!

You really NEED this NOW to make sure you get the most out of life…

 Session 9 – The Creative Focus Booster… Discover How To Release Your Creative Side (Session 9 Run Time – 29 Minutes and 27 Seconds) Value $47

This dynamic audio session has been meticulously engineered to elevate your brain to produce similar brainwave patterns as the most creative thinkers on the planet!

Prepare to get in touch with your creative side and unleash your natural creative juices so they start flowing at will…

 Session 10 – The Immune System Booster… Discover How To Bullet Proof Your Immune System & Skyrocket Your Health Out Of The Stratosphere (Session 10 Run Time – 39 Minutes and 57 seconds) Value $47

This scientifically designed session has been shown to be very effective in increasing the functioning of your immune system and will help you to increase your T Cell count (the white blood cells responsible for kicking your immune system into high gear!).

By taking you into a state of deep relaxation your body will naturally heal itself, naturally release stress, and also bolster your immune system to take your level of health far beyond where you are right now…

This is ESSENTIAL for your overall health and well being!

 Session 11 – The Athletic Performance & Sports Enhancement Booster… Discover How To “Get In The Zone” & Stay On Top Of Your Game (Session 11 Run Time – 27 Minutes and 03 Seconds) Value $47

There is a huge body of evidence that proves using brainwave entrainment can dramatically improve your sports performance. Athletes who use this technology often report rapid improvements, not only in performance, but also in general mental attitude and the ability to respond easier to changing situations.

The reason for the large amount of evidence is that professional sporting coaches recognize the importance of psychology in sports and so they develop relaxation, visualization and entrainment regimens for their teams.

Athletes have used this technology to triple their earnings from the increased performance it has given them… Professional golfers use entrainment to improve their game…

And now you can use this very same technology to improve your own sporting and athletic interests by training your brain to “get in the zone” naturally!

 Session 12 – The Stress Eraser… Discover How To Melt Your Stressful Worries & Concerns Away Quicker & Easier Than Ever Before (Session 12 Run Time – 25 Minutes and 10 Seconds) Value $47

This track really will make you become ‘bullet proof’ against stress!

Using this session will not only reduce stress and anxiety immediately, but it will also increase your brain’s ability to produce the necessary brainwaves that will help and allow you to better deal with stress in the future.

As stressful situations arise, your brain will become much better equipped to produce the right brainwaves to allow the stress to just melt away!

Yep, now you can say goodbye to stress forever!

Before Using The ‘Infinite Brain Power System’
…Unbalanced Mind


Before using the Infinite Brain Power system your mind might look something like the above image. This was taken of a client before commencing use of the Infinite Brain Power system and shows how incoherent and unbalanced the left and right sides of the brain can get.

After Using The ‘Infinite Brain Power System’
…The Synchronized Mind


After using the Infinite Brain Power system the same client now clearly has a synchronized mind with both right and left hemispheres much more balanced than before. This person can now enjoy all the benefits of “whole brain thinking” and can now operate much more effectively than ever before!

You Can See From The Images Above Just How Powerful This Amazing Technology Is! …Best Part is, You Too Can Achieve The Same Results Completely On Autopilot!

Well, here is what researcher Dr. Lester Fehmi has said about synchronising your brain:

It dramatically changes your perspective and experience of things… you will feel more ‘into it’ and will experience the world on a much deeper level simply by using your whole brain, instead of a separate or narrow focus that is achieved when you only use the left or right hemisphere of your brain independently… There’s a whole-brain sensory integration going on and it’s as if you become less self-conscious and function more intuitively.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it (or even just the word of the expert researchers, scientists and medical doctors…), here is what other satisfied customers of the Infinite Brain Power System have to say…

“Finally A Product That Actually Works & Does What It Claims To Do…”

“I am always amazed at how fast these sessions work.

As soon as I put on my headphones I feel my brain start to change. I can say without a doubt in my mind that this product does exactly what it claims to do.”

— Raj Kumar



“Absolutely Phenomenal!”

“I love this program. I have not been so excited about something in a long time…”

— Greg Nolan

(Colorado Mental Health Institute)



“Personal Growth & Improved Relationships”

“After listening to this system I can feel parts of my brain that never had any feeling before, I know it is working and stimulating my brain like I have never experienced previously.

It is amazing how much more focused, motivated, energized and on top of everything I have become. I have now been promoted at work and have received a substantial pay increase since commencing with the Infinite Brain Power System.

My confidence has increased in all areas of my life and I have now met my dream life partner and we are getting married later this year.

I must say I would have never believed I could make so many positive changes in my life just from listening to some audio recordings unless I had experienced it for real in my own life!

If you have any doubts about whether this program works or not, then put them aside and get moving with this right away, because it works!

— Jason Scott

(California, USA)



“My Depression Improved Dramatically…”

“I’ve been using the program for about 10 months. When I first began, I was clinically depressed and suffered from chronic anxiety. I’ve been on disability for both conditions. I couldn’t function.

You wouldn’t believe the changes! It doesn’t seem possible.

I have taken my anti-anxiety meds about 5 times in the past 7 months and I never even think about them anymore. My doctor is so pleased with my progress, too. I’m working on coming off of disability soon and starting my own home business for medical billing/medical transcription. I am attending college for Business Management and working towards a current certificate for medical billing and I maintain an A average in each.

I am a single mom and my son is an extremely happy, well-adjusted little boy. I couldn’t do it without this program. I, truthfully, couldn’t get out of bed enough to care for him without this. Now, I’m able to play with him, succeed in potty training him and teach him his alphabet, numbers, and so many other things that couldn’t possibly be listed in one e-mail. My family doesn’t even recognize me lately. I’ve been able to maintain positive family relations; a skill I hadn’t mastered until the last 2 years or so.

It’s been a process, but I can honestly credit the Infinite Brain Power System for the success in my relationships, as well.

I am so thankful that you have marketed this product the way you have. There have been so many positive changes in my life, and the bulk of it has been from the IBPS as an essential aide in easing my depression and anxiety. I am not held prisoner of my mind anymore.

I now enjoy life even more than most people I know.

Thank you, again.””

— Christine R.

(Rhode Island)


“Increased My IQ!”

“In the short period I’ve been using the IQ-Intelligence Session, I’ve already found evidence of its effect on my brain. I find it easier to focus and recall information quicker.

[My work] has improved over the last few weeks and I’ve found witty remarks easier to come by. That alone has been worth it.”

— Bernice Feldman

(Montreal, Canada)


“Much Better Sleep… Truly Amazing!”

“Hello! I enquired recently about trying to get to sleep, as I am generally anxious about whether or not I will sleep, when I have an early start for work etc. I tried out the regular sessions (as advised), and also the deep sleep session.

For the last three nights I have slept through, till the alarm went off, only becoming semi conscious once or twice during the night.

This is absolutely amazing for me, as it is a long time since I have slept through the night, with work the next day.

I would often wake up during the night and stay awake for hours, unable to switch my mind off. I am delighted with this progress, and am optimistic that a bad night’s sleep will become the exception, rather than the rule!


— M Mathis

(Dublin, Ireland)



“Very Pleasing To My Ears & It Works…”

“Just a quick word from a customer, your products totally ROCK!

I am an ex-professional musician, I played keyboards with Mike Oldfield of Tubular Bells fame, so things that delight my ears are especially appreciated.

I am so happy I use it all the time, I have gotten quite “facile” at knowing what frequencies do what. In my household we don’t use a lot of medications etc. so I even have my fourteen-year-old daughter listening to the “headache” beats for example.

And I use the sessions for meditation. I have had a lot of success with them.

Now, you must realize I am a bit jaded as a customer having had lots of “dud” products that I have wasted my money on, so this rave review from me is both unusual, and very well deserved by you and your team.

So thanks tons from Dev in Las Vegas ”

— Devra Robitaille

(Las Vegas)


“A Truly Euphoric Experience!”

“It was a very intense experience. I felt some euphoria afterwards actually.

— Jason Pfeifer

(Columbus, OH, USA)


“I Had My Doubts But It Gave Me So Much Energy…”

“I am really awake after using the Wake Up Session! I had my doubts but that is wild!

— Yash Patel

(Columbus, OH, USA)


“Extremely Deep & Effective Meditation!”

“Years of meditation practise have now been replaced by listening to a simple recording.

I can now get the benefits of deep meditation from an automated audio track.

This program really works and makes meditating a simple process.

Anyone can benefit from this.

— Chantelle Fletcher

(Manly, Australia)



“Inner Peace, Stress Relief & More Calm Than Ever Before!”

“Even though I was extremely sceptical at the start, I knew this program was working for me when I visited my mother who I had not seen for 8 months and she told me how much more calm and peaceful I had become (I used to be very stressed out due to my profession as a lawyer).

She told me that she enjoyed being around me much more now because it made her feel more relaxed.

I knew myself that I was more peaceful and relaxed than ever before, but to have someone who knows me so well confirm the positive changes I had made in my life from using this system, was full testament to how effective and powerful this program is.

I very rarely get stressed anymore and my life flows very easily now.

Plus I am much more effective in my profession and my career has taken off since I started using the Infinite Brain Power program.

— Alison Mills

(Lawyer – Sydney, Australia)



“Powerful Personal Changes… Now I Am Finally Achieving My Goals!”

“This program is truly amazing!

I have done all kinds of mind training, meditation, NLP, visualization… You name it and I’ve tried it and nothing comes even close to this system.

As soon as I started using this program I knew I had found something that was going to totally change my life!

Just from listening to the first session I experienced a meditation so deeply profound that has since set forth a snowball of events in my life that is helping me to realise and achieve goals that I have wanted for a very long time.

I have experienced multiple revelations and ‘A-HA’ moments that have put me on track to living the life I have always dreamed of.

The more I use it, the more things become clear to me and my direction forward in life is flowing to me easier than ever before.

It is like I have tapped into something that is bringing me the things I want in my life almost automatically… It is difficult to explain, but all I can say to you is GET IT NOW!

You will not be disappointed!

— Jeremy Jones

(Hawaii, USA)