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Make Him Desire You

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Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter is an excellent guidebook full of dating advice and suggestions to help women improve their relationship with their significant other, become a better partner, and improve their understanding of the man in their lives. Testimonials prove that this e-book is an excellent resource for women in all different stages of a relationship.It is guaranteed to work whether you are simply interested in a special guy or whether you are already in a long term relationship, but struggling with some issues and misunderstandings. Alex Carter is a popular relationship expert and dating coach who has spent years counseling men and women and helping them understand and assimilate the importance and art of attraction, and assisting them in getting the most out of their relationships. As I’m writing this Make Him Desire You review, there was well over one million downloads of Alex Carter’s highly acclaimed e-book.

Make Him Obsessively Desire You

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Make Him Obsessively Desire You

Examples Of Techniques Taught In The Course:

  • Vacuum Technique for getting a man to chase you
  • Intrigue Arousal Method for becoming the woman every guy fantasizes about
  • Mouse And Cheese Method to make his interest in you amplify over time so he never gets bored of you
  • Emotional Attraction Scale for shattering resistance from a man who pulls away or who is afraid to commit
  • Positioning Technique for making a man see you as the most important person in his life
  • Anchor Technique to make a man feel “utter euphoria” around you
  • Emotional Intensifier Technique to stop a cold and distant man from pulling away
  • Indirect-Direct Technique to get a man to do what you want while making him think it was his idea
  • Furious Magnet Technique to bring your ex back after a breakup
  • Reverse Action Test to get a man to tell you the truth
  • 3T Formula for maintaining effortless conversation and “hypnotizing” a man when you talk to him
  • Secret Of Unconscious Bonding to trigger instant chemistry with a man after talking to him just once
  • The Bubble Of Safety Concept to get a man to open up to you

Make Him Desire You

How It Works

There are several important relationship factors that Carter covers in his e-book, Make Him Desire You. I have listed the chapters or sections, as they are referred to in the book, with brief descriptions or highlights to make referencing and understanding the content easier.

Section 1 – Emotions are everything. The very first section in the e-book teaches program users how they will discover the differences men and women place on emotions

Section 2 – Emotional attraction scale. Here Carter reveals the importance of attraction. How attractive a man perceives a woman and what she can do to increase that attraction are critical for understanding what makes a woman desirable.

Section 3 – The Investment Mechanism. Chapter 3 discusses the psychological concept of investing in a relationship. Carter reveals the importance and significance of equal investment in the relationship by both parties. If only one person is investing time and effort into the relationship an imbalance occurs, and problems and difficulties are bound to arise since the investment is not mutual.

Section 4 – The Value Concept. It is here where Carter reveals the secrets of getting a man to value and respect you. The key, of course, is valuing and respecting yourself. How you treat yourself, what boundaries you set and stick by, and your attainability all factor into how he values you.
Make Him Desire You
Section 5 – The Formulas Revealed: Emotional make him desire you Tune-up Methods. This important section reveals man’s basic internal build to peruse. Since men are genetically wired to pursue and enjoy doing it, it just makes sense to make him feel as though he is chasing you. Playing a little hard to get in an appropriate relationship manner can go a long way in establishing respect, value, and attraction.

Section 6 – How To Hit The Sweet Spot Of Desire. Two main points here are discussed: Too much interest from you comes across as being needy, and too much disinterest from you is overwhelming for him.

Section 7 – How To Read His Mind. Verbal and nonverbal communication is essential for understanding and communicating with me. Carter will walk you through the nuances of nonverbal communication concerning men.

Section 8 – Men Have A Small Emotion Tank. This section will teach how important the need for space is to a man and how they tend to shut down when overloaded with emotion.

Section 9 – make him desire you How Communication Works For A Man. The style in which you talk to your man will dictate the results you get. Here Carter demonstrates the best ways to talk to and approach your significant other to get the optimum results.

Section 10 – How To Make Him Do Anything. Carter reveals a formula that is bound to get your man to do what you desire.

Section 11 – Capture His Heart By Revealing Your Imperfections. Carter guides you through a 7-Step process that will help you reveal your imperfections to your mate in a way that does not make you appear weak and needy.

Section 12 – What Do I Get If I Giv