Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook | Review

Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic Cooking Succeeds Where Other Cookbooks Fail

Solution #1

  • Metabolic Cooking recipes have all been designed with high Metabolic Thermo Charge 2015-04-09 18_42_18-ingredients.

    Basically, we are using metabolic powers certain foods have to make your body burn more body fat.

    This is essentially our way to use the thermogenic effect of food. The Metabolic Thermo Charge of food stands for how many calories your body is going to burn just breaking down the nutrients each time you consume a certain food.

    Most people have absolutely no idea the power that some of these foods have on the fat burning processes that go on in the body, so they never really think twice about them.


Metabolic Cooking

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Product Author:  Karine Losier & Dave Ruel
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Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic Cooking

Solution #2

  • Metabolic Cooking uses a really great “profiling system” for its recipes.

    Our special Metabolic Nutri-Profile is the system that we’re using in all the recipes throughout Metabolic Cooking so you can see precisely what nutrients you’re taking in and make sure that each meal is making the most out of your metabolic rate.

    Most people like to make things a touch complicated when it comes to planning their diet and often resort to accurately weighing their meals and counting every last mili-calorie.

    While you might feel like this guarantees you will get results, all it really does is drives your stress level through the roof, and make you fall off the fat loss wagon.

    That’s why we have created the Metabolic Nutri-Profile, a VERY SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE approach that does NOT require complicated scientific calculations.

    It is by far the best all-in-one meal management system we could have come up with.

Metabolic Cooking

Solution #3

  • Metabolic Cooking also fights the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon.

    frustrationThat phenomenon occurs at the point on your diet plan where you body clearly knows precisely what it’s getting in terms of food intake and has fully adapted to that. When it reaches this state, that’s when fat loss comes to a screeching halt.

    The Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon is a frustrating time for any dieter because this is the point where the body has fully adapted to the food intake you’re feeding it and slows the metabolism down to match it.

    When the metabolism slows down, now you’ll be burning off just as many calories as you consumed through the diet, hence fat loss will come to a halt.

    In order to get around the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon, you’ll have to vary your nutrient intakes regularly, shocking the body as time goes on. This keeps it guessing as to what’s coming next and ensures your metabolism stays on high at all times. Metabolic Cooking helps you with this as well by giving you the fat burning diet your body needs!


So, as you’ve just seen, Metabolic Cooking will help you burn fat faster by boosting your metabolism in many ways. But now, what’s more important, is that our recipes taste great. They aren’t those tasteless meals that you actually start to avoid just because you can’t stand the smell of them. They’re meals you will look forward to, probably even start to crave. I know this because this is what my clients who use them have told me time and time again. After using our recipes, they don’t even think twice about the old unhealthy food they used to eat because it just doesn’t taste as good!


The Lean Kitchen Queenkarineevolution5

Karine Losier is also known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen” and has a strong passion for food, fitness, and culinary adventures. She gets excited about challenging the commonly used techniques that most chefs turn to while seeking out healthier alternatives. Simply put, she’s a real kitchen glamour renegade.

Karine isn’t just a bubbly little chef either. She holds a master’s degree in psychology so she is fully aware of all the psychological struggles that people face with regards to their eating habits and diets, thus why she knows the importance of good nutrition that tastes great and serves to motivate people to stick with their diet by challenging their commonly held psychological beliefs.



Real Life Success Stories…

Fat Kid No More!Hasnat

“I was the fat kid that was always picked last at gym class, the girl who always felt uncomfortable with her body, the women who was always the overweight “good friend”, and who reached 210 lbs before she even tuned 21 years old …

When I met Dave and Karine, they introduced me to a new way of eating that was easy for me to follow and the recipes helped me stay on track. They told me if I followed their recommendations that I’ll see results.

They must have been right because I lost 82 lbs and can now comfortably fit into a nice dress! Something I never dreamed I could ever do.

I’m more confident, healthier and my life is infinitely more enjoyable. Thank you Dave and Karine!”

-Hasnat Ahsan

Got My 6-Pack

“Metabolic Cooking has given me a completely new perspective on how to cut fat and finally get the 6-pack I knew I was capable of.Liam

From the day I walked into the gym, a six pack was always my goal. My diet approach always lacked structure, didn’t follow any real plan, hardly any variety and the main thing missing for me…FLAVOUR!

Dave and Karine’s unique approach to nutrition allowed meto hit fat loss goals I never thought possible. I guarantee anyone following this awesome program will achieve results like mine while also tickling those taste buds.

With the advice and techniques I’ve learned, I can now keep and continue to implement to maintain my abs all year round!

Thanks for my new Fat Loss Kitchen Bible guys!”

– Liam Mailer

John-Romaniello“I think most fitness professionals would agree that nutrition is the key to getting the body you want. Losing fat and gaining muscle certainly have a lot to do with training, but, as they say–abs are made in the kitchen.Understanding that is the easy part–applying is much harder. There’s a difference between knowing what to do and figuring out how to do it; calorie formulas and macronutrient breakdowns are all well and good, but there is a huge gap between the basic idea of what to eat and actually putting it on the plate.Metabolic Cooking bridges that gap.A book that teaches you how to lose fat is pretty cool. One that teaches you how to eat, how to prepare it, and even how to look critically at everything else is unreal. Metabolic Cooking is unreal, because it’s just that good: what to eat, how to make it, and how to make it TASTE GOOD.



Belinda-Benn“Staying fit and lean in my 40’s all year round means eating metabolism boosting foods using the right recipes. Easier said than done!Especially when you have your hands full (work, gym and family). Of course, I am always on a mission to find the best cookbooks out there. So listen, this is not your average fat loss cookbook – it contains TRUE fat burning recipes.For me, these recipes remove all the guess work with the “at a glance” metabolic nutri-profile so I can easily mix and match my meals. And yes, they are super fast to prepare using everyday foods (with lots of variety) and of course – delicious!”