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 Text That Girl – Ultimate Men’s Texting Guide

TEXT THAT GIRL! is the result of FIVE YEARS of my life and THOUSANDS of text messages that were meticulously catalogued, tested, and refined.

It is the program that has helped thousands of men go from absolutely hating text messaging, to finding it one of the most exciting things about dating.

TEXT THAT GIRL! is a massive compendium and multimedia course that is full of all of my best text messages, the unique style I’m going to bless you to learn, and so much more. It’s all online, instantly accessible, and you’ll have access to it forever. My promises, when you buy TEXT THAT GIRL!:

  • If you can get a number, you can get a date -GUARANTEED
  • If the number has gone cold, you can turn it around – GUARANTEED
  • It turns “no” and “maybe” into “yes” – GUARANTEED
  • It takes women from ‘tentative’ to ‘definite’ -GUARANTEED

In short, I can say with 100% certainty that with this system, you will become such a text messaging virtuoso that you will never give a second thought to your texts, ever again.

You’ll have the same feeling that an expert marksmen has when he lines up his target, takes the shot, and knows it’s a bullseye before it even hits the target.

Girls will be blowing up your phone – your buddies will be DYING to see the crazy things that girls are telling you… the secrets they’re divulging to you…

… and before you know it, you’ll be the “go-to guy” when one of your friends absolutely, positively needs to get it right with some girl.

Product Information
Product Name:   Text That Girl
Official Website: www.textthatgirl.com
Product Author: Race dePriest
Product Type: Downloadable Ebook
Special Offer : Yes
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Text That Girl by Race dePriest

As For That One Girl Who You Want…

She’s yours.

If you’re like most guys looking for advice on “how to text girls,” you’re actually looking for advice on how to text ONE girl.

Well, it’s a good thing for you that TEXT THAT GIRL! is organized around “fast starts” – guides for common situations that guys everywhere find themselves in.

In each fast start section, you’ll be up and running in a minute. I will give you a lay of the land, so you understand where her head is at, and then I will show you the exact texts you need to send, and the buttons you need to press (so to speak!) to get her SO excited to see you again that she might just want to skip the date, and come right over to yours!

Need to Capture Her Attention
with the Perfect First Text?

Maybe you haven’t sent her a message yet because you don’t want to screw it up. Well, in my “First Text Quickstart” I’ll teach you…


  • The first text “no-no’s” – things you MUST avoid if you don’t want to be stuck in “chump” purgatory
  • The 3 things that absolutely must be present in your first text if you want to get the best response possible from your girl
  • The proper way to answer the dreaded “Who is this?” text and spike her curiosity (and of course, if you answer this wrong, you’re are dead in the water)
  • How to know exactly when to end a text conversation so she is left wanting more


Think You Might be Losing Her Interest,
and Need to Turn Things Around FAST?

Or maybe she’s not enthusiastically writing you back. You feel her interest waning and you know that you’ve almost lost her. That’s ok – just open my “Techniques and Tactics Quickstart” and you’ll instantly turn it around, learning things like…


  • How to use misdirection to make it seem like she is the one chasing you, even though you are the one texting her!
  • The correct way to playfully tease her and get her “back in the game” (note: if you are doing this wrong you are massively turning women off)
  • A fun little technique you can use to make her smile any time you ask a question


She Keeps Flaking, or Just Stopped
Writting You Back Altogether? (wtf?!)

Or maybe she’s gone cold…after a few text messages, or even a date (don’t you hate when the date goes well and she inexplicably drops off?) Well, I have TWO modules for you, the “Taming The Flake-A-Saurus Rex Quickstart” and the “If She Stops Responding Quickstart”, where you’ll learn…


  • The psychological principle you can use – right now – to pull any girl back into a conversation (no matter how long ago she stopped responding)
  • How to create urgency so she stops whatever she is doing and texts you back right away
  • A secret technique I discovered that will turn a flake into an even better date next time (you might even look forward to a girl flaking after learning this)
  • The absolute best way to call out a woman if for some reason she keeps on flaking, so that she respects you and won’t do it again


And When You’re Ready To Start Dating More Women?

As you read this, I’m sure that you can see the possibilities and begin to understand how much more powerful this is than anything you’ve imagined before.

I know that when you buy TEXT THAT GIRL!, even when you get the girl you’re after right now, you’re almost certainly gonna be tempted to “exercise” your new skills with a LOT of girls.

I mean hey – when you have texting superpowers, each number you get becomes a playground of possibilities.

So rather than teaching you how to get one “fish,” so to speak, I’m going to teach you how to fish.

How to Get a “Solid” Number That’s
Virtually LOCKED-IN For a Date

I’ve put together a whole module, in fact, on “How To Get Her Number.” This module of the program will teach you…


  • When to get her number in a conversation so that it doesn’t seem awkward or forced
  • What to do the moment after you get her number to “seal the deal”
  • How to manage your phonebook when you have 50-200 numbers from random women (I TOLD you to get that unlimited texting plan!)
  • My “advanced pre-emptive anti-flaking technique” that will “flake-proof” the number… this one is AWESOME


Asking a Girl Out? NEVER Been Easier.
Just Watch How Fast She Sayes YES!!!

And when you’re ready to turn numbers into dates? My module on “How To Ask Her Out” will arm you with the tools you need to make it a no-brainer for her to enthusiastically say YES!!!! You’ll learn…


  • Three “adorable” ways to ask her out without ANY awkwardness or nervousness (she simply won’t be able to resist)
  • An “under the radar” method for planting the seed for the date. This is one of my biggest secrets and I get a 10-for-10 success rate when I use this to ask a girl out
  • A sure-fire way to get her to respond if you need an answer about a date by a certain time
  • What if she wants to bring a friend along? No worries – I’ll show you how to respond, and how to handle it, so that you still get your girl!
  • Four simple ways to avoid awkwardness on the first date
  • A super-advanced technique you can use to go on a date with multiple woman at the same time (I told you that you would want to exercise your superpowers!)

How to “Win” on Every Phone Call…
And Leave Her Longing For Your Voice.

Since some girls are still traditionalists, I’ve even included a module on “Calling Her On The Phone”. Most guys dread this… I know I sure did… but when you learn my secrets, it’s going to be as easy as a game of Wii Tennis. I’ll show you…


  • When you absolutely must pick up the phone and call her (if you miss out on these subtle cues, don’t expect her to stick around. but get them right, and you’ve scored MAJOR points with her)
  • The very first thing to say to set the “balance of power” in your favor
  • How to “push” her off-balance, then “catch” her gracefully in averbal whirlwind that will leave her breathless
  • Two expert tips about how make your speaking voice sexy and powerful. If you sound meek on the call, you might as well call it quits right then and there.
  • What you MUST do when you get her voicem
    ail if you want her to call you back.

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