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Belly Melt Program

The Belly Fat Melt

They kept saying, “My belly fat is melting off me!” It is literally the only program out there that address each and every cause of belly fat and by doing so opens the door to rapid fat loss all over your body.

Whether you’ve struggled with a lot of weight all your life or you just have that last few stubborn pounds that you can’t shake or even if you’ve tried everything the Belly Fat Melt will be the last fat loss program you ever use.

Before we go any further. It’s only fair that I be absolutely 100% honest with you. If you are looking for that “Magic Pill” or if you want just another diet fad or some other plan that you already know will never, ever work for you. Then Leave This Page Right Now Go to this page –

The Belly Fat Melt is for women who are ready to set aside the ‘Miracle Answers’ yet still want the fastest, easiest and permanent way to achieve long-term weight loss. So, if you’re wanting the REAL answer to banishing stubborn weight around your waist then here’s what you can expect:

If you want to:

bulletptDrop 10% of your unwanted body weight in less than 30 days. Enjoy your favorite foods while you get leaner and healthier in your tummy area and the rest of your body.
bulletptSay goodbye to low energy, sluggishness, and afternoon fatigue. And get the body you deserve without sacrificing your entire lifestyle to do it.

Then the Belly Fat Melt is not just a great program for you. It is the only solution for you!

Flat Abs For Life
Flat Abs For Life
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How to rid yourself of stomach fat for good.Even the most resistant and “stubborn” kind that just won’t budge, or at best goes away only to rebound again with a vengeance and completely fat-proof your belly area for the rest of your life

Flat Abs For Life
Flat Abs For Life

Belly Melt For Woman


Hi, I’m John and this is a 36 year old mom of 3, who has struggled with her weight her whole life. Believe it or not,this fitness model featured in a popular fitness magazine is the same person a few months later.

When you listen to her unusual story, you’ll discover that, just like many other women, she was able to go…

Belly Melt For Woman

And keep the weight off without endless cardio and crazy workouts. While eating her favorite foods and living an extremely busy life as a mother of 3.

Her name is Radora. And like a lot of women, she was frustrated and angry because even though she was religiouslyfollowing “the rules” of one diet after another eating less and less working out more and more doing endless cardio workouts her weight just would not budge. And even when it did drop, she could never get rid of excess weight in her midsection.

But that was until she met a certain nutritionist and fitness expert named Glen who showed her that by addressing her stomach fat first before anything else, that she’d lose weight all over her body.

And more importantly, because he was showing her how to do it naturally still eat the foods she loved and workoutway less then she’d be able to maintain her weight and especially keep her slim waistline for the rest of her life. She was doubtful to say the least.

But what he was teaching her made sense after she thought about it a little. So she was willing to try it out. He told her what she needed to do how she had to stop working out altogether.

Stop doing crunches or sit-ups. Stop doing endless cardio. And to start eating more, she could have her favorite desserts but at very strategic times. Long story short, she ended up joining her first fitness competition, at the age of 37, and placed third!


And remember this is a mother of 3. Now, she says,

“I feel in control of my body for the first time in my life. I used to think it was just genetics, that I was just born this way and I’d have to struggle for the rest of my life while others had it easy. Now I see,
that was just a false belief built on false information.”

Now remember, she’s just one of many women I’ve met and interviewed who have used his program. And after months of chasing him down, he shared his methods with me and my view of fat loss changed forever.

Again, my name is John. I’m an natural health researcher and practitioner. And by reading this until the very end, you will also discover:

fatsHow to rid yourself of stomach fat for good.Even the most resistant and “stubborn” kind that just won’t budge, or at best goes away only to rebound again with a vengeance and completely fat-proof your belly area for the rest of your life.And yes. I mean it when I say you’ll have it for the rest of your life. And that’s because you’re about to see, the MAIN cause of belly fat that so-called experts don’t even know about and why all the diets and devices hawked on late-night infomercials never work.I don’t know how long this letter will be up.

If you come back tomorrow and this letter is no longer free, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So read this right now, while you still can. I’ve used his methods as well and I can tell you from my own experience that even though this may sound impossible right this moment, after you read it to the end and follow what it says like thousands of deeply grateful people have before you, your co-workers, friends and family will be shocked at the staggering transformation your body goes through, almost overnight.

How suddenly, even your favorite jeans, that you haven’t been able to wear in years, or even decades, now glide on and fit perfectly and your stomach now looks flat.

There’s no more excess water-retention, and no more bloating.

How cravings for sweets and processed junk foods vanish and you have long-lasting energy and mental focus throughout the day. And that’s just to name a few incredible results I’ve experienced.

I’m going to introduce you to this brilliant nutritionist and fitness expert and reveal some of his secrets in just a second, but before I do.

And I think you’ll see why I feel a sense of duty to share it with you. Especially after you hear about how a woman who was borderline diabetic and was able to bring her blood sugar back to normal for good.

acneOr how another lady was suffering from adult acne and infertility, but when she learned what I’m going to share with you, not only did she get her slim waistline back, she cleared her skin completely.
Or how another lady whose cholesterol was dangerously high stunned her doctors cholesterolmeterwhen she showed up over 23 pounds lighter and with perfect blood work. Or how you can virtually eliminate the water-retention that comes with your hormonal
cycles so you can retain your lean physique all month long, month after month.
stomachNot to mention the constant reports of women who have eliminated fatigue, energy crashes, bloating and even digestion problems they didn’t expect to. And all without doing a single sit up, crunch or counting a single calorie.

Headline-4Some of what this expert discovered might be hard to believe and may even seem odd. In fact, when you hear what he has to say, you may even reject it. But that’s because he isn’t rehashing the same mass-marketed information just to make a buck.

You see, because he’s spent his whole career studying the human metabolism and because he’s a holistic practitioner he looks at the metabolism in a completely different way.

So please stay with me. What’s the big lie that’s keeping you from naturally having a thin lean waistline without even trying? The big LIE is that belly fat can be “burned” with eating less and exercising more. And an even bigger LIE is that an ab exercise can burn fat around your abs.

As I’m about to prove to you in just a minute. NONE of that is true and a simpler, easier and more permanent solution exists that you can start tonight.

The truth is, there is an organ we all have and it’s inside of our abdominal area behind our ab muscles. It’s called the OMENTUM. It’s like the word MOMENTUM but without the “M”. This omentum is like a fishing net.


but instead of catching fish. It catches fat. It it does it deep inside your belly.


So you see, this kind of belly fat is NOT the fat right under our skin.


It’s buried deep inside of our abdominal area and it is a lot harder to reach.


It’s also why even if you are able to lose some weight, your stomach still may stick out or resist your diet or exercise efforts. You see, if your weight loss program doesn’t attack this area deep inside your belly, not only will you keep your stomach fat you will have a much harder time losing weight in all the other areas of your body.


Because this omentum, when it grows. It grows all around your liver.And your liver goes:

2015-07-11 02_03_55-Belly Melt For Woman

A large fatty liver. Do you see how it is greying and enlarged? That is an enlarged fatty liver that not only causes all the health related diseases we have today like hearth disease, diabetes and cholesterol but a fatty and inflamed liver also makes it impossible for you to lose weigh anywhere else!


And that you can start to feel so much energy so quickly. I also want to show you what “belly fat category” you fall into. By knowing what your exact problem is, you can finally have a clear path to shedding excess weight for good.

You see, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. There are several more imbalances Glen shares with you. You probably only have a few of them. You see, I talked about hormones already. but there are other belly fat triggers I haven’t told you about.

By knowing what’s affecting youit’ll be like a custom tailored fat loss program just for you. Not your girlfriend, not your mom, not your sisteror co-worker. YOU!

There are some women that are suffering from bloating and something called a “distended abdomen”. “Distended” means “swollen doe to pressure from the inside.” So that means their abdomen doesn’t really have a fat issue, it is distended and bloated.

The exciting part is that it can be resolved in about 1 – 2 days!

1 to 2 days to a flat stomach when she’s been suffering from it for years! Another thing Glen shares is how inflammation can affect the gut area. And intense workouts and calorie restriction is the worst thing for this. He shows how to identify it and what to do about it.

And there’s also another imbalance that makes your stomach, chin, face and upper back store fat because of stress. It also makes your hair limp and frizzy.


And you can feel thirsty all the time even though you drink a lot of water. And guess what? Every time you do a “good” workout, by-the-book, you gain about 2 pounds the next day!

In this situation, working out and calorie restriction actually SPEEDS up fat storage.

The list goes on. I can’t cover everything here but rest assured if it exists, he’s covered it. How can I make such bold claims?

Well, it’s not just that it worked for many women before you and it’s not that it works for me. It’s because Glen’s methods are the only ones that address the ACTUAL causes of excess weight in the midsection. We’re calling the program, The Belly Fat Melt because that’s exactly what we kept hearing women say.

Here’s an email Brenda from Connecticut sent to Glen.

“I started to receive complements from people that I looked younger and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared.

” I have spent the past 15 years (and a lot of money) trying program after program to lose weight and get my health back on track.

I was hesitant to try yet another program but I’m glad I did. You were the first person who truly identified why I wasn’t able to lose weight even though I had such a clean diet, was a Vegan, and stayed off wheat, flour and gluten.

I exercised regularly and yet the weight kept piling on. It was because of my hormones were so imbalanced and my body was extremely depleted. I followed your program. In less than 4 weeks, I started to see significant changes. I dropped 12 pounds.

My skin was more hydrated. My memory was better. And I had more energy. I feel great. I started to receive complements from people that I looked younger and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared.

This is the best investment I have made in a long time. The food plan and exercise has transformed my body and have given me a new lease on life. Thank you!! “


And here’s Jessica. She said,

“I’ve lost 13 pounds.

“I can’t believe it. After 6 years of trying to solve my weight issue…

You were able to identify it right away. As you know, to everyone else I looked skinny. But that’s because I kept hiding my stomach. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

I was ONLY gaining weight in my torso. The more I worked out the more my arms and legs and every other part of my body got leaner but my waist got pudgier, my stomach stuck out more, and my waistline disappeared. And I was going to Cabo in a month.

So I wanted my waistline to look as lean as the rest of my body. Oh, and I also had acne with my menstrual cycle even though I was 35 years old. You spotted the problem right away and now, I’ve lost 13 pounds, my acne is gone!

My cravings are totally under control and I worked out half as much as I used to. Thank you! Now I can wear the bikini I wanted to and not have to hide half my body! Now this next one is really touching.”


It’s from Lucy in France.

“I lost so much weight around my midsection that I had to buy a whole new wardrobe.

“Glen, my husband and I don’t know how to thank you. We came to you to help with my infertility issues. You told us what could be causing it and that it was also what was causing my excess weight around my stomach area. Well, when I followed your advice.

Even though I wasn’t too interested in losing the weight, I lost so much weight around my midsection that I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. And guess what? I’m happy to report, I’m now pregnant. Thank you so much!”



First, Glen goes over ALL the different ways excess weight is stored in your abdominal area. And he explains how to tell which one you are suffering from. That way, you can save time and do only what applies to you and skip the rest. Then, he gets into the specifics of why your body is storing fat the way it is and how to reverse it.

omentumRemember, the omentum? It’s that part of your body that traps fat deep in your abdomen? Well, you’ll find out what foods cause it to pack on the pounds and what foods cause it to release all your stored fat right away.Coz as you now know the Omentum that is the KEY to unlock your body’s fat burning ability.He also shows you how to cleanse your liver so you can let your body use your own natural fat-burning hormones to work their magic on your body again.This is so powerful. I mean, it’s not just that you will be losing pounds and inches. When you use Glen’s techniques for unclogging your liver, you will increase the amount of Human Growth hormone in your blood stream.

So you’ll see your skin glow and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles if you have them. Collagen will form and you’ll start to look years younger.

And if you don’t see it, trust me others will. And you’ll also increase your natural testosterone levels again. So you’ll see natural lean muscle starting to form where it looks best. And your sex drive will increase as well.

Not to mention your focus and drive. Glen also shows you the two kinds of exercise that target the deep inner abdominal area like a heat-seeking missile.

So you don’t waste time using popular mass-marketed workout programs that are designed for MEN and athletes. You’re not trying to win a Gold at the Olympics right?

No you just want to enjoy the body shape you’ve been desiring for so long and to be able to keep it off! The best part is these two types of exercise are so easy.


And again it will target that key area — the omentum that all other belly fat program fail to. If you’re suffering from abdominal inflammation like I talked about earlier and that’s what making you look and feel heavy in the waist, then the good news is that is the fastest thing to solve.

And you’ll find your digestion will be better than ever. I don’t have time to get into everything you’re going to receive. And you may believe that a system that can do this much for you would cost a pretty penny. And in all honesty, it really should.

After all, this system has helped thousands of women just like you, drop tens of thousands of pounds quickly. And the only way I was able to convince Glen to make this available as a book was to show him that it would sell as a low-cost offer.

So we’ve priced it at a fraction of his personal consulting fees. $74.95 for this program would still be less than hiring a top personal trainer. Less than what you’d end up paying for a gym membership. Less than many of the ab devices hawked on late night infomercials. And far less that what Glen charges for his personal 1-on-1 sessions. Yet, you’re not just going to get the Belly Fat Melt program today.

I persuaded Glen to give you some incredible free bonuses along with the Belly Fat Melt program.The first is called, Deserts and Sweets for a Flat Stomach”.

Belly Melt Program


Belly Melt For Woman2

In today’s world, a flat belly is more than just looking good. As you saw earlier, it is directly related to illnesses and diseases like Diabetes, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Strokes and Heart attacks.

There is no reason for this. And it’s not what I want for you. All you have to do is click the button that has appeared below and order your copy of The Belly Fat Melt. You have nothing to risk whatsoever. But you have so much to gain. Just like these people.

Here’s Theresa from California.

“After about 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve lost about 10lbs.

“I spoke to you about 3 weeks ago, and I wanted to thank you again for responding to my last e-mail so promptly, and giving me some feedback on what I’ve been doing. I really appreciate it. I just wanted to check in and let you know about my progress.

I started your program on June 7th, and so far, after about 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve lost about 10lbs. When I took my measurements, I would say that I’ve lost between 1/2″ and 1″ in most areas of my body.”


And here’s Heather.

“Steepest weight loss in 6 months. 4 pounds in 7 days!

“Hi Glen,  I wanted to give you an update. So, I graph my weight pretty obsessively. I’m showing my steepest weight loss in 6 months. 4 pounds in 7 days!”


Then she sent another email.

“Glen, I lost ANOTHER pound so I’m freaked out! I‘ve lost 6.5 pounds since May 17th and 5 of them have been in the last 8 days! This is crazy!”Heather

And here’s Catherine.

“Glen, I am now down to 128 lbs from 156 lbs! Now I can wear anything I want!! I feel so much better at this weight!”Catherine

So go ahead and order your copy of the Belly Fat Melt now.Once you start using the Belly Fat Melt, you’ll probably notice a change in your body on the first day.

Most people do. You’ll notice your skin doesn’t look as water-logged. Like you look leaner. But within the first week, you can start to see that it is working. You’ll feel it deep inside your body. That’s how you know it’s not like any of the other programs you’ve tried.

It wont’ be about muscle soreness or eating leaves all day or using some equipment. You’ll feel changes in your body where it matters most in the inner abdomen.

slimFunny thing is that after the first week you probably will see more changes in the mirror.Clothes won’t look as good on you anymore because they are hanging off you a bit too much. But you see, it’s when others see you that you’ll really know it’s working.They’ll comment on your skin, your hair, on your waist looking smaller. And it just keeps going on like that until, one day, it will happen. I call it the “Magic Moment”.

It’s where you feel, like things have truly changed for good. Where you realize you have a new body. It’s not just that the belly fat is gone. Your whole body has reshaped.

Workouts that didn’t do anything before now start to work. You can movefreely and easily.You feel lighter.

That it wasn’t a fluke or a temporary weight loss you had. Where you know, your struggle for control over your body and your weight is finally over.

Until this moment, a part of you was being held hostage by pain and fear.

by pain and fear. But when the “Magic Moment” comes the fear will be over. This is what I want for you. I want you to get your “Magic Moment” as soon as possible. So go ahead, place your order and begin your transformation as soon as possible.

Click the button below. Again, you have NOTHING whatsoever to risk. Again, this is John. And thank you for your time. And please send me your success stories.

Belly Melt For Woman2