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The Instant Switch

The Instant Switch



Hi, I’m Sandy and this is my magical pink rubber band.S1

In just a few minutes, I’m going to show you how this bendable, stretchable loop of latex holds the secret to manifesting anything your heart desires…


That big raise or promotion. Good news from your
doctor or lawyer… even true love. It’s the same secret
used by kings and queens of industry, movie stars…
and politicians to force the universe to bend to their will.

And it all happens, with the flip of a “Switch…”

A Hidden Universal “On Switch” That Brings You Limitless Health, Wealth & Happiness Starting In Just 60 Seconds…

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Product Author: Sandy Gilad
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Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

S2It’s simple, fun, easy… and guaranteed to work for you!

The moment you flip The Instant Switch, you feel confident… inspired… and in control for maybe the
first time in your life.

And before you know it, everything that was once out
of reach… now falls easily into your lap.

Listen… if you’re one of the millions of men and
women who were motivated to try the “The Secret,”
but haven’t received the results you imagined…

You need to know it’s NOT your fault!

You see…When you visualize and use positive affirmations in an
attempt to manifest what you want… it’s very much like a magnet
attracting a paperclip.It seems easy. Straight-forward. Magnet meet paperclip.

But, what if there’s something in the way?

Something blocking the magnet from the paperclip? Like say…
a two by four. When its energy is blocked, it’s impossible for that
magnet to attract anything.

Same is true when you try to manifest
greatness into your life.

That dream car… perfect relationship… or new, high-paying career…

If you have emotional and mental blockages deep down in your subconscious—things like fear, doubt, past trauma—there’s no way for your energy to pull-in the awesome things you desire.

So, you can think positive thoughts and visualize to your heart’s content… but if you don’t first remove the blocks that are standing in the way, it’s all for nothing.

And it can get even worse than that.S3

A severe blockage is like replacing that two by four with a steel beam. Now, not only can’t the magnet get to the paper clip, but it is constantly being sucked into the beam.

Just like how major blockages in your mind will take all your manifesting energy and suck you further into the blockage itself.

So, if you’re trying to leave behind your money worries, and you’re blocked… you may find yourself falling deeper and deeper into debt.

This is why the Instant Switch is something
you must have if you want to truly experience financial abundance

It’s only when you flip The Switch, that all those barriers standing in your way… instantly disappear. And
when that happens…You can NOT fail to attract what it is you desire.The Switch ALWAYS brings you
what you want…


Confidence, Happiness, and Abundance…

Where I used to go without, now I get whatever I desire. Where I used to feel desperate and alone, now I feel loved and appreciated. Where I used to be broke and broken… Now, extraordinary opportunities find their way to me on a daily basis.

S4A breakthrough that’s literally making world-renowned 
And it can be that way for you too, all with a flip of
“The Instant Switch.” In just a moment, you’ll see the
awesome science behind this revolutionary discovery.

scientists and doctors rethink everything they thought they
knew about how the Universe operates.

And, that magical pink rubber band I showed you earlier,
the one that holds the secret to attracting anything you
desire, that’s coming up too. But first, let’s talk about you
for a second, or at least the person I think you are.

You’re tired of feeling alone. Tired of being disappointed. You’re tired of always worrying about bills… about the future. Although you try not to let it get to you, you live your life with somelevel of fear. Always feeling like the other shoe is about to drop.


Does any of this sound like you? Do you feel any of it in your chest… in the pit of your stomach?

Have you maybe even gotten to the point where you think it’s okay to dream, but you don’t really expect any
of those dreams to come true for you.

You feel stuck with no way out in sight. Well… life used to be like that for me. You see, like a lot of young girls who grew up on Disney movies…

I Always Imagined My Life
Would Be A Fairytale.

You know the story. You meet prince charming, and heS5
carries you off to his castle where you live happily ever
after. And… at around age 24, my future was looking like that might actually happen.

I had just earned my masters from Harvard, and was
engaged to a tall, handsome, guy… Let’s call him “David.”

To the outside world, David really did appear to be a
genuine Prince Charming. He was pleasant. He was
loving. He was loyal.

I don’t want to in any way imply he was less than that.

But, even while he was on one knee proposing… and tears were running down my face, in the back of my mind, I still had doubts. Something just felt wrong. And it was as if the Universe itself was trying to send me warnings. Little things at first, but the night before the wedding those warnings got louder, until…

The Sirens Began To Wail…

And I mean that literally.I was at the dress shop for my final fitting.

I look in the mirror, and for a moment, feel like all my dreams are coming true. All my fears wash away. Iwas a princess. Just then, almost as if on cue… my maid of honor runs into the changing room screaming…

The Next Morning I Awake
On Bloody Sheets…

First, I thought, sarcastically… “What a perfect day for my S6period to come.”

Then, I did a little bit of math, and realized I wasn’t
menstruating, even though I was bleeding “down there.”

If that wasn’t the ultimate sign that I should become a
“runaway bride,” I don’t know what is. But, I just couldn’t
do it. I couldn’t let everyone down.

So, I went through with the wedding, and immediately afterwards was rushed to the hospital.

An injection of something stopped the bleeding. Then a series of tests left the doctors confused. Apparently, there was nothing medically wrong with me. To this day, I think it was my body’s way of warning me.

Like My Soul Was Rejecting
This Marriage…

Long story short… the relationship went south quickly, so, I began to focus all my time on my practice. There, I helped kids and their families overcome everything from depression and anger… to serious trauma and autism.

And, while my career began to take off, it wasn’t long before I found myself in the midst of a long… soul-
crushing, and very expensive divorce… A divorce that left me with nothing but a broken psyche and a mountain of debt.

It got so bad, I was forced to leave my upscale apartment and move into the only place I could afford. An old house in a section of Los Angeles that was so dangerous it was made famous in rap songs. I’d literallydrive my dogs to safer neighborhoods just to walk them.

At night I’d hear gunshots, followed by the roar of police helicopters overhead. All I had left was a mattress. The rest of the furniture went to David just to get his lawyers to go away.


At night, I’d huddle on that mattress with my three puppies … and cry myself to sleep. I never felt so alone.The only joy I still had in my life—other than my dogs—were those kids I worked with.

But, my personal problems began to interfere there too. One day, I must have been wearing my heart on my sleeve, because “Jacob”—A child I helped get through a lot of sadness and depression in his own life… Turns to me, smiles, and says…

“Time To Change That
Channel, Sandy.”

At first, I didn’t understand, but then it hit me. When any of my kids would feel down, and helpless, I would tell them if they’re not happy with what they see in their lives, they need to change the channel, change the way they look at their lives… their problems.

So, Jacob was throwing my own words back at me. It almost made me tear up. First, because it proves he was listening. And, second, because… he was right.

If I wanted my life to change, I needed to change the way I looked at my life.

So, that’s what I did. I made a simple switch. Instead of seeing this as Act III of the fairytale… I started looking at it as still part of Act I. That day, I became determined to write…

The Hollywood Ending To My Story!

That day, I became determined to write. Now… at this point, I wasn’t even thinking about attracting anything big into my life. I started small.

I set an intention to have one awesome day… a single day where everything went my way. And it worked.

The next morning I was shocked to find a parking spot in front of my office… something that is usually impossible. Later, I found a ten dollar bill peeking out from under the floor mat of my car.

And probably most unexpected? The barista at Starbucks spelled my name right… Yay! Like I said, these were small things. But at the time, they meant the world to me. Getting this instant feedback from the Universe all at once proved to be the spark I needed to relight the flame.

Now, before I move on, let me say this…If you’re ever in a bad place, if everything seems to be going wrong in your life, this is a simple, but very powerful way to wrestle back control.

Change. The. Channel.

Spin your situation into something positive, and the world will
reward you for that positivity. It works for my kids… it works
for me… and it will work for you too.

Now, I don’t want you to think for one second that what I’m
saying is to simply “think positive” and you’ll get that new
client… that million dollar bonus… or even that hot guy or gal.

Because, as I mentioned earlier… that’s not how it works.

Thinking positive can help you attract small changes into your
life. Often times, these are insignificant things like the correct
spelling on your coffee.

But, even those tiny things are important because they shift momentum. So, instead of sinking faster and faster into a dark
hole… you begin to steadily rise into the daylight.

It’s from this position, with the bright sun shining in your face…
that you can attract all the great things you want in your life.

And that’s exactly what happened for me.

That perfect day turned into an amazing week, and I became more motivated than ever. In fact, I felt so inspired… It was as if a higher power was guiding me to take the techniques I use with kids.

And combine and tweak them to create a method to attract all the things I desired. Intuitively, I just knewthat someday what I was doing wouldn’t just change my life… but the lives of thousands of others.

S8That’s where I found the lecture notes from world renowned professor, Dr. Gil Noam. He’s one of the foremost experts on “resiliency”… how some people can easily “bounce back” from negative life events.
At that point, I had no idea how I would achieve that…But, with
the pain in my heart begging to be healed, and an inner calling propelling me forward. I jumped with both feet into the research.
I dusted off textbooks, read a ton of noted journal articles…
and even dug-up my old notebooks from Harvard.

Revisiting those notes after all these years made me remember that there are specific ways to become more resilient. If I could harness those procedures…

I Could Make Manifestation
Something That Works For Everyone.

It was like everything just began to come together so easily… even gracefully at that point.

When I needed inspiration, information, or guidance, I would quickly find it. And not just in written form.

Even the people I needed in my life just seemed to appear at the right time. No… I wasn’t trying to attract these people into my life, it was like divine intervention. I said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Let me ask you…

  • How much better would you feel without the weight of stress… without all that
    worry on your shoulders?
  • How much better would your life be if you could side-step all the negativity that’s
    holding you back?
  • How much better could you make things for your family and friends if success was constant, and money was never an issue?

Well… I was about to find out. Because I didn’t even realize it at the time, but…

My Switch Had Flipped…
And Everything Was Changing
For Me In BIG Ways.

Okay… I keep talking about this “Switch.” I don’t want you to think it’s like a switch on the wall, or the switch on some electronic gizmo. It’s not even a switch in your body.





And it flips automatically as subconscious blockages disappear. You see…

Up until recently, scientists believed that once your brain develops, the pathways inside are pretty much permanent.

New brain cells could not be created. And existing cells… it was like they were unmovable, super glued in place.

In other words, once you became an adult, your brain had reached its limits. Your IQ, your memory and your ability to focus could notchange.

And all of your negative habits, thought patterns, and perceptions, well… you were pretty much stuck with them for life!

According to those scientists, your future hasalready been written. To support this theory, they cited drug addicts, smokers, and criminals as examples. Now, at first this may seem to make sense. But peel back the layers, and the whole theory falls apart.

Some drug addicts do clean up their lives…millions of people have quit smoking. Even some of those who have lived the life of crime, are now productive members of society.

So, what’s the explanation?

Well, new research—backed by comprehensive brain scans—proves what I’ve known for over two decades retraining the minds of troubled kids. Those old stuffy “experts” are just plain wrong…waaay wrong.

Your Brain Has Been Designed
To Be Truly Limitless!

Now… you remember my magic pink rubber band I showedS1 you at the beginning of this presentation?

Well… just like how you can twist it, bend it, and stretch it around anything in its way…

We now know the pathways in your brain can do the same thing.

They can be stretched, bent, and rerouted around the mental and emotional blocks that hold you down.

It’s what I call…

“The Rubber Band Effect.”

S9And here’s the most remarkable part…

As your brain changes, and your pathways are reshaped,
it’s like you’re flipping the Universal “On Switch.”

Because as hidden subconscious patterns of fear, doubt
and negativity disappear.Your emotions and what you’re
trying to attract, they align. And when that happens, the
Universe always responds.

Because when nothing is in your way, those things you’re
trying to attract are sucked into your magnetic pull, and
laid at your feet.

Imagine everything you desire showing up as soon as tomorrow morning… like an “always on-time” Fedex delivery. When my Switch flipped, it was like…

New and exciting opportunities suddenly appeared… fun work, more money… total excitement.

My income climbed… even as I was working less. The calls from bill collectors ceased, and, remember
my crushing debt? It began to disappear.

At the same time, I was able to go from surviving in a domestic
warzone… to thriving in one of the richest zip codes in the country.

From bunkering down on a mattress crying myself to sleep… to
traveling the world in luxury and rubbing elbows with movie stars.

My health even improved. My life-long anxiety disappeared… my
self-image soared! All of my unexplained medical symptoms vanished.

I looked better… felt better… and became struck by a brand new energy I never experienced before, even as a child. That perfect, healthy weight we all strive for, and the feeling of self-worth that comes along with it… I suddenly had that… as if by magic.

You know… it’s funny, when you’re no longer just trying to “get by, suddenly you have the time and spirit to begin focusing on the most important things in life. Your family, your friends, and creating those new experiences you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

By using The Instant Switch, I became closer with my family. I became a better friend… a better therapist. I was even able to release all that hurt from my divorce.

“And Money? I Seemed
To Attract It At Every Turn.”

While the old me was trapped in a prison I created in my mind.
The new me has no limits.

If I want to pick up and spend the next month in Italy, France,
or anywhere else in the world… I have the financial means and
the spirit to do so.

Today, I live life the way it’s
supposed to be lived… without
the worry of how to pay for it.

With The Instant Switch, you really will attract health, wealth and
happiness. And it will help you write your fairytale ending… like it
did for me.

Oh did I forget to mention Prince Charming? I’ll get to him in a minute.
But, right now I’m sure you’re wondering how the Switch works, and how to flip yours.

Compared to the power it contains, flipping your Instant Switch is sooooo darned easy. It’s also
the only method of its kind guaranteed to get you results lightning fast. Remember…

As Long As You Can Spare 60 Seconds, The Instant Switch Will Work For You.

S10You see… before I adapted these techniques, they were
originally developed for my kids.

And, as we all know… traditional attraction methods like
hour long meditations, and drawn out visualization sessions,
don’t fly with children.

They need things they can do quickly.

Exercises that can be completed in a few minutes. In some
cases, just seconds.

Kids Need Instant Gratification…

And with our busy schedules these days, so do we! We need quick techniques we can use in the car as we drive to work, or in that extra minute before bed. And we need them all to pay off for us right away.

So… I boiled down all of my research, and my most effective attraction secrets into…

Now… if you haven’t noticed, I like metaphors. So, before I reveal them, let’s talk about movies for a second. Stick with me. This will all make sense, I promise.

Our lives are like stories they turn into films. In the first act, we meet our hero. And he or she is always seeking something. A clue to the mystery… the “Holy grail…” a man who will love her for who she is…something like that.

Just like in life. We are always seeking something too. Success… money… maybe even that man who will love you for who you are.

Along the way, we have ups and downs… that’s normal. But, the ups quickly fade off into distant memories, while the downs. Those tend to hang around forever. Until they become emotional and mental blockages… the things that get in the way of attracting what we desire.

Now, in Act two of the movie, our hero gets closer to the thing they’re chasing. But, they’re soon blindsided by a failure so huge, it seems they cannot ever surmount it.

That big clue leads her in the wrong direction… murderous villains  stand between him and the treasure… or she learns from a “friend” that the man of her dreams was just using her.

In real life, it’s like thinking you’ve found the secret to success. A way to make better money… attract the perfect mate… or lose weight and get healthy again. But, after working hard at that secret for days, weeks, or months, it doesn’t pan out for you.

So, what do you do? Eventually, you give up.

This is a mistake many people make.

But, you need to know, the end of Act II is not the end of the movie.

All great stories have a glorious third Act where the hero overcomes the insurmountable problem to achieve ultimate success. In order to achieve that success, he or she always comes upon new information.

For you… this video is that information. Thinking about everything that has occurred in your life up to this point, I need you to understand. You can write whatever ending you want to your story, because…

Your Third Act Starts Right Now!

And it all begins with these three simple, quick, and easy methods…

Switch Technique # 1: “The Selfie Filter”

You ever wonder how all those Internet “celebrities” always
look so good? Their not-so-secret secret is digital filtering.

These days, most cell phone cameras come with software that
basically filters out all imperfection. You can erase blemishes…
change your hair color… even make yourself thinner… taller…
or tanner with the swipe of your finger.

Wouldn’t life be great if it were that easy?

My “Selfie Filter” sorta does the same thing to your psyche.

It filters out negative thought patterns (the things that block manifestation). And replaces them with
a totally new and exciting point of view.

Your conscious and sub-conscious minds go from pimple-faced and ugly…

C1To perfectly groomed… and beautiful.


I know you are!

You got a small taste of filtering when I asked you to “change the channel.” But, that’s just one technique we use to trigger your selfie filter.

I want you to have all my techniques… And before this video is finished, I’m going to not only give you that opportunity, but I’m going to help you attain everything you desire.

Switch Technique # 2:
“The Magical Pink Rubber Band”

Now, that you’ve filtered out the negativity from your life,
you’ll use The Rubber Band Effect to build new pathways
in your brain.

Look at these new pathways as detours around any negative
thoughts that try to sneak into your mind.

Remember… that band is flexible, so no matter what kind of
negativity you’re faced with, you’ve always got clear passage
to all that is positive.

And… when you use The Rubber Band Effect, beautiful new
thought patterns emerge. You now not only live a different
reality… but you begin to see yourself differently too.

And… you love what you see! That’s when…

Something Monumental Happens…

The Instant Switch flips. The Universe begins to respond. Income opportunities appear as if my magic.

New, more exciting people become drawn to you. Things you’ve tried to manifest in the past suddenly come to you with ease. You wake up one morning and…Life has gotten good… maybe for the first time ever. Take a minute and think about that.

Just absorb it for a moment. How much better will you feel when that happens?

S13And more than that… it makes you fully appreciate just how easy it was. What’s a little tougher though, is what comes next. Because as with most things in life, there is no autopilot.
I can tell you from experience,
it feels awesome!

If you don’t continue to grow in the experience, you can easily slide back to negativity. And sadly… most law of attraction programs never address this.

So… what’s coming up may be the most exciting thing about The Instant Switch.

Switch Technique # 3:
“The Destiny Lock”

Okay… you’ve changed the way you see your past… new thought
patterns have emerged… and your Instant Switch flips…

Now… you’ve got to lock your destiny in place.

You know… while religions all seem to disagree on destiny, I’m living
proof that you really can rewrite your ending and make it permanent.

To do this, you first need to clear what Buddhists call your “Monkey Brain”.
To put it simply, your Monkey Brain is noise. It’s the noise that creeps into
our heads as we try to navigate life.

All the negative mental noise that constantly tries to invade your thought
patterns each and every day.


This kind of “brain pollution” is what triggers things like anxiety, stress, and worry. But… I’ve developed a unique way to permanently squelch the noise.

No… I’m not exaggerating. These simple quick and easy routines will first lower the volume, then effectively “shut off” the noise completely. And not with hours of meditation or endless visualization.

Because we both agree, we don’t always have time for that in our lives.

But with short routines that take
as little as 60 seconds.

Imagine locking in your destiny in just a minute or two. What does that mean? What is destiny?

Well… when you become an “Instant Switcher” you’ll see your financial world turn around, that’s for sure…

C3That means a lot more than… “I paid off my house…” 
Money is no longer an issue.

“College for the kids is taken care of…” And “I can travel
and live the exciting life I’ve always wanted.”

Don’t get me wrong… it does mean all that… if those are
the things you’re looking to manifest. But that’s really just scratching the surface.

It also means freeing your mind from all that noise allows
you to connect with what Oprah calls your “Inner GPS,” a
source of wisdom that guides you to “your true north.”

C5You ever notice when you look at people who have “got it all…”
Your destiny.

You know, the Oprahs, the Clooneys, the Elon Musks of the world… they never seem to have riches on their minds.

Sure, they’re loaded, and the cash just seems to keep coming their way…

But they never put “making more money” anywhere on their list of “things to do.”

C4And this is how you write your
real Hollywood ending. You will get to that point too.

Because if you notice… a big blockbuster film never really
ends where you think it does. It doesn’t end at the credits.

There is always a sequel… the next story. The Destiny Lock
sets up your sequel. What you do next and for the rest of your
life. It’s not your next job. It’s your true purpose.

I discovered my true purpose wasn’t to turn my life around.
It wasn’t even all about “my kids.” My true purpose is to bring
this information to you and others like you.

C7That’s for you to discover. But just imagine…
What is your true purpose?

Health issues diminish, many disappear entirely. You feel better than you have since you were a kid.

Happiness is no longer something you strive for. When you wake up in the morning, your bliss is a given. And… since you have financial freedom, money no longer guides you.

You find your true north. Your purpose. The reason you’re here.

C6This is how you cement your future and rewrite the story 
And nothing feels better than that.

to create your “Hollywood Ending.”

Simply put… The Instant Switch just may be the most
powerful manifestation force in the Universe.

You’ll free yourself from the weight of the past… bring joy
to the present… and clear the way for your new future.


Your faith in the law of attraction will be restored.

The fact is… I believe it was no mistake that you found this letter, at this time in your life… at this moment in history.

I believe…

You Were Destined To Discover
The Instant Switch And Transform
The World Around You!

S16Looking back at my life, I can now say all the financial, health, and relationship hardships I overcame… entered
my life for a reason. They’re what propelled me to create The Instant Switch, and it’s why I’m here sharing it with
you today.

You see… once my life started radically shifting, I began thinking about all those who were faced with similar
obstacles. The millions of men and women struggling
to bounce back from heartbreaking divorce, crushing debt
and debilitating illness…Or just anyone who’s in a “stuck” place. Anyone who feels like there’s something greater
waiting for them.

Someone like you who knows their
fairytale ending has yet to be written.

So… I put a request out to the Universe. I asked for the perfect people and opportunities to arrive so that I could share The Instant Switch with the world.

And… The Universe

The very fact that you’re here watching this is proof of that.

Now… I want you to know that right now, you could use everything I’ve talked about S17today and instantly upgrade
your life. You could pull yourself out of the muck and mire just by changing the channel…

But, that’s only going to get you so far. 

Doing that alone, will never flip your Instant Switch… never deliver everything you desire.


For that, you need all of my techniques, and simple instructions on how to use them correctly. But, don’t worry. I’ve done all that work for you. This means, for you…

There’s no research, no trial-and-error, no chance of failure. I’ve taken my quickest, simplest, and most powerful proven-to-work methods and created a fun, easy-to-follow guide. An exclusive manifestation manual that documents everything you need to transform your life starting TODAY. Introducing…




Here’s Just A Small Taste What You’ll Discover Inside The Instant Switch:

  • My kinda strange “Audio Stimulation” trick that causes your brainwaves to transform into powerful wealth-seeking money magnets… (Pg. 67)
  • 3 quick and easy moves to switch out of health destroying habits. Finally quit smoking, end emotional eating, eliminate stress triggers… (Pg. 26)
  • The easiest thing you can do to instantly attract meaningful new friendships… and unlock your heart for your soulmate to appear and sweep you off your feet… (Pg. 71)
  • My sneaky 1 minute “mind reset” technique that instantly eliminates the nagging money worries that keep you up at night, and block abundance… (Pg. 37)
  • The fun, and uplifting “love experiment” that replaces depression, anxiety, and stress… with high vibrational emotions that powerfully pull-in whatever you desire…
  • How to use the power of the “Energy Circle” to heal past relationship wounds… and clear the space for old flames to be rekindled… or new ones to ignite… (Pg. 97)
  • The secret you can use today to train your brain for optimism, happiness, and success… like Billionaires Richard Branson, J.K. Rowling, and Oprah Winfrey… (Pg. 69)And that’s just for starters.

What You Manifest Is Totally Up To You…

Your old car on life support? Maybe you upgrade to a luxury sedan, high-end SUV, or futuristic Tesla.

Drowning in debt? Pay them all off with that promotion, raise, or exciting new income opportunity.

In less than perfect health? Banish pain and rediscover your lost energy. Be there for your kids… your grandkids.

Whatever you desire, you really can achieve it.

When you flip The Instant Switch, all you have to do is ask.It always works. I said it before, and I’ll say it again… when you have The Instant Switch, the Universe is truly awesome!

Billionaires, movie stars, and athletes have used its principles to attract fame and fortune beyond their own wildest dreams. I used The Instant Switch to unchain myself from the shackles of debt… renew my health… and bring loving, supportive people into my life. Now, it’s your turn…

You Can Have It All Too.

Just like Shannon B. who had this exciting news to share:

“I am so happy I came across Sandy’s program… I am currently a happy new home owner settled in an exciting job that allows me to travel to beautiful locations. It’s like I’m living a vacation. Life is great!”

Then, there’s Cheryl who discovered love in places that once caused hurt and pain:

”Sandy’s techniques have taught me to learn to love myself again.  I see myself as powerful and in control of my destiny… I have also been able to heal those relationships that felt tender to me. Now I am confident about the direction of my life!!”

And Maria C. who’s career is finally taking off:

”After using Sandy’s techniques, I see the abundance more clearly that life offers.  I am about to embark on a higher paying job that excites me and fulfills me on multiple levels. I couldn’t be happier! I think it’s time for that new Lexus LS 460. The Instant Switch has been life changing for me. I am grateful to have come across Sandy!

I could go on and on. I receive news like this all the time from people who were able to go from feeling stuck… to finally living the life they always dreamed. So… here’s the question…

Are you ready to open your life up to the financial freedom and  abundance you truly deserve? Are you ready to go from struggling to attract small things into your life… to having your pick of the entire Universal catalog? Are you ready to experience health, wealth, and love beyond anything you ever imagined?

Then, I’ve Got Great News…

Because today, you’re going to get The Instant Switch at the lowest price it’s ever been offered for.

You see… originally my publisher was determined to charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.00 for access to The Instant Switch. And there are coaching programs out there costing that much and more. Some of them as much as $1,000.00 per month. That’s $12,000.00 a year!

Yes… you can literally spend tens of thousands of dollars on this kind of self-improvement education. And, that wouldn’t be a bad investment if what you learned actually paid off for you.

But… most of the time, what they’re teaching is like a grade school version of the law of attraction. It’s all that stuff that never worked for you in the past. So… him wanting to price The Instant Switch at $500.00 was all based on what similar programs charge.

But, I told him, there is nothing
similar to The Instant Switch.

Nothing works as fast… or is as fool-proof as my system.

And The Instant Switch is not like grade school… it’s more like Grad school. It’s like you’re getting an advanced degree in manifestation. In other words…

The Instant Switch

When I told this to my publisher, he was impressed. But, not in the way I was hoping… he thought we should now charge even more than those other guys!

He just didn’t get it.

You see… I want to help all the people who have tried manifestation, who have tried the law of attraction and ultimately gave up. And I firmly believe my inner GPS has brought me here today. Making more money is not the reason I created The Instant Switch.

This is why, after a lot of thought and consideration, I convinced my publisher, to price The Instant Switch so anyone could afford to use its power.

Not $500.00… Not $250.00… Not even $99.00, and you and I both agree that would be more than fair. The price we settled on is just $67. That’s $433.00 less than what The Instant Switch was originally going to be priced at.

But, it gets WAY better.

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Money Miracles!

In the form of a new car… a dream home…
fun, exciting, and life-changing travel… or
maybe a winning scratch off ticket.


Health Miracles!
Lose weight… rediscover lost energy…
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Relationship Miracles!

Heal past heartache, fix troubled
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This next level attraction system takes your Instant Switch SAmanifestation to towering heights.

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But, you’ll begin to shape the world just like the planet’s most successful entrepreneurs do.

You get…

  • Whole Food’s CEO, John Mackey’s secret “mindset switch” that’s allowed him to dominate the business world, while giving back generously to employees and charity… (Pg. 19)
  • Oprah’s “help everyone” success habit that brings you joy, laughter, and a flow of people eager to support your journey to the top… (Pg. 61)
  • The “dirty word of doom,” you’ll NEVER catch Billionaire Richard Branson ever saying… and the one word he uses instead that guarantees your success… (Pg. 23) And that’s just for starters.

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And Brian B. who wrote in to say:

“Sandy’s techniques have helped me [go] from living in black and white [to] vivid color. I have been able to manifest new exciting people and opportunities… It’s a life changer for sure!”

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Remember… The Instant Switch is 100% risk-free for 60-days so you can’t lose!

Remember earlier, when I mentioned my Harvard Professor Dr. Gil Noam, a world renowned expert in resiliency? Well… he used to pose a powerful question…

S18Are you the kind of person who sees where you are right as the end? Is this act III? Or, do you want to turn a negative into a positive? Can you see your situation as being a launch pad to something great?
Two men enter a convenience store and both are robbed at gun point. One reacts by taking self-defense classes, and ultimately achieving black belt status. The other, becomes a hermit. Filled with fear, he refuses to leave his house ever again.

So… what made the difference?

The difference was that each man filtered the event in a completely different way. One let it affect his life negatively. He was traumatized, so driven by fear, he retreats inward.

The other, filtered out the negative, and saw it as an opportunity to grow… to become better… to strive for more… to take control of his destiny. Which one are you?

Are you willing to stand-up and say… “This is not my Act III. I will write my own Hollywood ending!”

The choice is simple…

You can continue to let your problems control you… or you can take back that control and eliminate those problems forever.

The Instant Switch
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S19You are powerful. You are worthy. You deserve to change your life with The Instant Switch.
When you look at your choices that way, I think we both agree, there really is only one choice.

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Oh… I almost forgot. The biggest, best, most amazing manifestation to ever find its way into my life! You already know some of the gifts I attracted using The Instant Switch.

I cleared away debt… healed my body and soul… and connected with my true purpose. But, my greatest manifestation? I alluded to it earlier. When I was at my lowest point… trapped in a house that felt like a prison, I was never more alone… But, as my financial life turned around, and my health recovered…

And here we are getting married on aS20romantic rooftop overlooking Venice Beach…

And speaking of Venice Beach, we decided to round out the entire experience by honeymooning in the actual Venice…



I finally had my fairytale ending. And it was only because I had the courage to change my life by flipping The Instant Switch.

Now’s your turn. Claim your destiny.
Write your own fairytale ending.

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If you haven’t clicked that button below, the only reason I can think of is that I haven’t fully answered all your questions. So… let me take a quick moment to answer some of the most common ones I get?

headIs The Instant Switch really instant?

Yes, it is. That doesn’t always mean things appear out of nowhere, the moment you ask for them.

As the law of attraction explains, everything comes to you with divine timing. Sometimes that means right away. Other times, there needs to be an alignment of people… places, and situations before that manifestation can take place.

Quick example: You can’t expect that new job, until the position is available and you’ve got the right skillset for the job.

Divine timing! But your life will change in an Instant. And all it takes is as little as 60 seconds to get started.



How do I know the Instant Switch will work for me?

Most law of attraction methods, show you how thinking positive will
energetically align you with what it is you want. But, none of them, reveal
how to effortlessly remove the subconscious blocks that prevent you from manifesting what you truly desire.

The Instant Switch actually reshapes your mind using The Rubber Band
Effect to make your new thinking patterns a part of you.

This is how you begin to attract everything you want like a powerful magnet
with nothing in its way!








What makes The Instant Switch different from other things I’ve tried, like “The Secret?

Using The Instant Switch you physically change how your brain works. You create new pathways that detour around all the things that want to hold you back. When you do this, the Universe is forced to respond.

Plus… after helping children clear their blockages for the last 20 years… and helping men and women of all ages create the kinds of endings Hollywood would be envious of…

I’m 100% confident The Instant Switch will work for you. And it’s why I offer my “Miracles To Your Doorstep Guarantee.”








My promise is simple: You WILL attract money, health, and relationship miracles into your life, or I insistyou write me for a no-questions asked refund of every cent. Go-ahead and click below… risk-free.


Looking back… I’m confident you’ll see the decision you’re making right now as one of the best you’ve ever made in your life.



The Reviews Are In!

“What a phenomenal program… if you’re looking to transform your life, whether it’s health, wealth or relationships… it’s absolutely phenomenal!”
“The Instant Switch has given me clear instructions on what to do to help improve my mind set, attitude and my life… [I got] profound results.”
-Susan Peterson
“The “instant switch” is so powerful because it’s already ingrained in each and every one
of us.”
-Cheryl Silberman
“…the Instant Switch sparked something in me…The basic and powerful concept that we can direct the course of our thoughts and our lives has been a refreshing reminder.”
-Michael Weiss
“… I was happily and incredibly surprised by the power of Sandy’s “The Instant Switch”. Sandy speaks to you in this book like you’re in a one on one conversation with your best friend so the pages fly by… you can switch in an instant out of worry, stress, fear or doubt and get right into your power zone, feeling fully alive, happy and unstoppable. Switch off whatever you’re doing right now and read this book. Your life will change.”
-Lynn Rose, Speaker, CEO, TV Host