The Spy Escape & Evasion | Review

The Spy Escape

How to protect yourself and your family in an increasingly dangerous world.

Don’t think you need to know these secrets, techniques, and skills?

Even if you’ve lived like a perfect saint.

Even if you’ve never been involved in a lawsuit, divorce, or even just an argument.

Even if you don’t have any assets or resources that you think others might want to take from you, you can still find yourself in hundreds of situations where his proven techniques can literally save you or someone you love.


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Product Name:  The Spy Escape & Evasion
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Product Author:  Jason Hanson
Product Type: Downloadable ebook
Special Offer : Yes
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

You can still find yourself in hundreds of situations where his
proven techniques can literally save you or someone you love.

For Instance:
A gentleman he’s trained is named Gary Prince. Due to his job, Gary travels around the world 11 months a year. Gary’s an executive who minds his own business and has never gone looking for trouble. But guess what? The security measures he showed him have helped him survive two mugging attempts in China.

Amy Lancaster is a young woman who lives in Fairfax, Virginia. Like many people, Amy loves to go running on the trail near her home. One day while she was running, Amy realized a man was following her. Using a trick he showed her, Amymugging_attemptwas able to get away from this man and even scare the heck out of him.

In short, I was able to evade the mafia and stay alive
using the skills and knowledge I possess.

What if you too found yourself being hunted by someone and you needed to avoid them at all costs?

Would you know how to evade them?

How to use counter surveillance measures?

Do you know what gear you should carry with you that could save your life?

You might not think it can happen to you…

But perfectly innocent people across the country find themselves in dangerous situations every single day.


There’s A Good Chance His Safety And Survival
Training Could Save Your Life One Day.

After all, are other people jealous of your success, your wife, your children, or anything else in your life?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

Have you ever had a heated argument with a co-worker?

Have you ever had to fire someone or turn someone down after a job interview?


This training reveals safety and survival secrets 99% of Americans will never know about or have access to.

And although you’ll learn fun and exciting skills that will no doubt make you more interesting at the next party you attend.

The information I’m going to reveal is certainly not for everyone. But let him quickly pull back the curtain on what hi is going to share with you.

How To Vanish Without A Trace

One of the skills he covers during Spy Escape & Evasion is how to disappear.

The fact is, the world is getting stranger and more unpredictable each day. You never know when you’ll suddenly have a crazy ex-spouse you need to get away from… Or a co-worker or employee who turns into a stalker…

Or maybe you just want to disappear and start a brand new life somewhere else.

After This Training You’ll Know:

  • The two most important items you need when planning to disappear. He’ll show you how to get your hands on these items and he’ll even bring them with him and show you how to use them.
  • How to use a “break phone” to ensure you stay several steps ahead of your pursuers. (The secret of the break phone is one of the highest-level security measures you’ll ever hear about.)
  • The 3-step process that must be followed if you want to remain off the grid for good… Even out of the reach of the government.
  • How to create decoys to throw people off your tracks so they eventually give up trying to locate you.
  • You’ll see how to easily set up a secret email account that vanishes after just one hour.
  • You’ll uncover the simple method of making untraceable phone calls.
  • And how to find a “safe house” to use until it’s time to make your next move. (This won’t cost you any money and will keep you safe, warm, and out of sight).

How To Become A Human Lie Detector

What if…

You could sit in an important business negotiation and know if the other guy is lying?

You could ask your spouse less than 5 questions and know if they’re telling you the truth or not?

You escaped from captivity in a foreign country, and your ability to “read” the locals meant the difference between life and death?

During the Spy Escape & Evasion class you’ll
learn body language secrets usually reserved
for the CIA and FBI, including:


  • The part of the body that most often reveals when a person is lying. (
  • The secret used by Customs Agents to tell if a person going through the airport has something to hide.
  • Why the “freeze” is probably the most critical clue of all that someone is trying to deceive you.
  • What you should never, ever do with your hands if you happen to be the one telling a lie.
  • How a person’s eyes reveal when they’re lying.
  • How books, coffee mugs, and pencils can be used to expose a liar.
  • What a liar will almost never do when you’re questioning them. (This is a great trick to use if your spouse happens be the one you’re confronting.)
  • How a simple head nod can reveal a liar in 30 seconds or less.

and you will learn :

How to Detect and Evade Surveillance

How to build your own Spy Escape & Evasion kit







and more….