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The Unexplainable Store

Chapter 1: Energize

Human energy is one of the most precious commodities on earth, and there’s rarely enough go around. The national coffee bar craze is proof that we live in an age of super-achieving alertness, and those who snooze often suffer for it. Fortunately a natural and nontoxic stimulus is close at hand. When you need peak performance, music can arouse your body, speed up your brain waves, and fill you with the electric energy of sound.

Harmonically layered with brainwave frequencies, this Chapter’s Braintuning Classical hits your inner ear, your cochlea converts it into electricity energy and sends it into your brain. Listening to it can help you with:

–    Wake Up: Stimulates your autonomic nervous system to speed up your vital signs.

–    Performance and Confrontations: Gears up activity in muscles, nerves, and neural networks; clears your mind of fear.

–    Competition and Negotiations: Induces positive victory mood; stokes aggression; primes reflexes for quick decisions.

–    Recharge Breaks: Restarts the muscular, nervous, and cardiac functions that slow down when you’re fatigue.

–    Exercise and Physical Work: Increase blood flow and electrical activity in muscles; entrains your muscle and mind; enhances motivation.

–    Thrills: Gives physical and emotional thrills; excites your nervous system.


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    Chapter 2: Relax


    We live in an age of high anxiety. Technology, the environment, and people in power seem to throw us a new curve every day. When stress puts you on edge,  Braintuning Classical can smooth you out, slow you down, and save you from the savages of tension.

    Harmonically layered with brainwave frequencies, the beautiful braintuning music can:

    –    Slow your autonomic nervous system; enhance alpha brainwave production for clearer and calmer thoughts.

    –    Change your perception of time and promote conversations.

    –    Harmonize the electrical impulses within your mind and body with the sound waves in the air of the outer world.

    –    Fill your mind to push thoughts away, induce trance.

    –    Slow heart rate, pulse, and breathing; shift brainwave to delta.

    It comes handy when you need help with:

    –    Stress and Anxiety: When you feel worried, nervous, jittery, overworked, or on edge.

    –    Patience: When you are stuck in traffic, rushed and running behind, or eating too fast.

    –    People Skill: When you talk to a stranger, or deal with a difficult discussion.

    –    Panic: Whenever you are prone to panic attacks.

    –    Balance: Help you seek equilibrium between your outer and inner world.

    –    Meditation: Travel to the world beyond your conscious thought.

    –    Sleep: Experiencing occasional or recurrent insomnia.

    –    Or whenever you need to relax and let go…

    Chapter 3: Focus

    Neurological evidence proves that listening to Mozart can raise your IQ. However, Music’s power for learning and brainwork goes far beyond Mozart. Classical music can also induce a mood of concentration, filter out distractions, prolong attention span, and encode information in memory and improve its recall.

    Our Braintuning Classical in this Chapter is fine-tuned to stimulate structured neural firing that primes your right brain for higher-level thinking, induces receptive mode, and enhance concentration. It can help you with:

    –    Abstract reasoning: Working with mathematical or scientific theory; undertaking spatial or visual tasks.

    –    Learning and recall: Studying language, vocabulary, math, or facts.

    –    Brainwork: Seeking to work harder and faster.

    –    Motivation: Unenthusiastic; mentally distant.


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